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home insurance and your moving company home insurance and your moving company


Your home insurance and your moving company

Your Home Insurance, Your Moving Company, and You

In the rush of things, we forget the basics.
Often we become helpless when the unexpected happens, such as a fire, an injury, or an accident. Taking out insurance assures us that when we forget the basics, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and when chance strikes, someone intervenes, arranges things, even takes care of us.

So you’re moving? Apart from finding a reliable moving company, let’s take a look at the basics of insurance:

A home insurance policy assures us that, despite the many surprises in life, which sometimes come at us like a wicked, throat-facing animal, our home remains a haven where we can seek refuge, gather strength and return to life.

But what happens when we move? Will our home insurance go with us? What did your home insurance company tell you?

Your home insurance: the basis of it

Home insurance offers you peace of mind for unforeseen events that may occur regarding your most precious asset – your home.

Fire is an unforeseen event that can destroy everything you’ve worked for within hours. It can be a devastating experience to see everything you hold dear go up in flames; more heartbreaking if there is no home insurance to support you if you start building what is left after the cinders of tragedy are gone.

Vandalism activities can damage your home and would take a considerable amount of money to rebuild it; theft comes … that’s it, without warning, taking valuables you’ve scrupulously pruned for.

Remember the hunger you tried to control with a donut?

Your property insurance also provides an answer to financial damage that can be caused by an injury while someone is with you and can take its toll. Handy if you also take out a mortgage on your home; lenders often require you to take out home insurance.

If one of these unforeseen events occurs, your home insurance will protect you against the aftermath, which can often cause not only a dent but also a wreck for your finances.

Your home insurance: when you move

This is an aspect of home insurance that has not yet been researched, as moving does not normally happen to everyone. However, when moving does not become a choice, but a single decision that needs to be made, taking out home insurance for the move comes with extra privileges that a homeowner will certainly find useful:

You remain covered.

In general, home insurance covers you against unforeseen events that may occur during your move. It protects your property between passages – from the old house to the new – as if you hadn’t moved at all.

During transport, and on occasions when the removal van carrying your belongings occurs in the event of an accident, your home insurance covers loss or damage to your belongings as a direct result of the accident. It also protects you against the dangers of theft, which can happen when the removal van is parked or during its journey. Depending on your coverage and the amount of your insurance, most home insurance policies also offer protection to your belongings when they are held in custody, which can range from 2 weeks to a month.

Find local removals contractors in your area and a comparison shop for insurance that offers the most protection.

Be informed.

It remains your responsibility to find out if the moving company you are doing business with has a full license and is protected against the dangers associated with moving.

Your home insurance may be a source of protection, but you also deserve to be covered by your moving company’s insurance.

Search the internet for a legitimate mover: one who offers free moving and storage quotes, free boxes and blankets during your move, with large trucks to transport your belongings, fully licensed and insured, and with more men at work who can move a lot faster and easier, but above all someone who believes in the impeccable need to provide insurance coverage to their customers. That in the event of loss or damage during the move, there will be no passing the buck, no finger-pointing – just the knowledge of a great professional.

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