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6 best weight loss exercises

Weight loss exercises. According to Self Magazine, you need to eat well, make exercise part of your routine, push yourself in your workouts, and find a workout you like. If you can achieve any of these, you have a good chance of losing weight.

Not all exercises are equal, so some exercises will help you lose weight most effectively. Keep in mind that if you haven’t practiced regularly, you should start slowly and build up.
You may not be able to do some of these six exercises physically, but you can follow the suggestions for an intensity appropriate to each exercise.

6 best weight loss exercises

Get ready to burn some fat!

Jumping rope

weight loss exercises-jump-rope

Women’s Health recommends jumping rope as an important fat burner one of the best of weight loss exercises. If you skip 120 skips per minute, you will burn between 667 and 990 calories per hour. As an added benefit, it gives the whole body color!

Your rope should be long enough so that the handles are at shoulder height when the loop touches the ground. Jump over the rope.
Skip a minute, rest, and do it again. Build up your time and speed. Very speed and intensity for best effect.

Interval training with high intensity

exercices for weight loss

Running sprints can burn almost as many calories as skipping rope. Don’t just go for miles or time. Instead, sprint 20 seconds as fast as you can, jog 40 seconds, and repeat.

The recovery period is important. Don’t skip it! This type of training is called high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It pushes your system and helps burn fat.
You can do HIIT while cycling or on exercise bikes, walking, and other forms of exercise.

Weight training

weight loss exercises- weight training

Resistance training builds muscle and burns fat. It also increases your resting metabolism and helps you burn calories, even when you’re not exercising. Train three times a week with weights and change your repetitions or weights every three weeks.

For example, lift by 20 pounds and three sets of fifteen, then increase the weight by five pounds and reduce to three sets of ten, then reduce the weight by five pounds and increase to three sets of twenty.

Boxing and kickboxing

weight loss exercises - boxing

Boxing and kickboxing are weight loss exercises and are forms of interval training in which you may not anticipate the intervals, making it more challenging.

Learning to hit correctly uses both your core and your arms.
Save ninety seconds and rest thirty seconds.
Playing sports with other people is a lot of fun and a good teacher will keep you moving and motivated.
Boxing is not just standing and punching.
There is a lot of movement, dodging and weaving, or as Ali said: “move like a butterfly …”



The least demanding training there is. Make sure your shoes are of good quality! Vary your running speed or use hills to improve your workout.
The dreaded treadmill and elliptical devices are great for an indoor run where you can add hills.
Make sure your buttock and thigh muscles get involved in extra calorie burning.
If you can’t run, climb hills, or change your speed, you can still train for age or injury.



A dropout uses the large leg and buttock muscles for maximum calorie burning. Start with your feet hip-width apart and hands on the hips. Step forward with one leg.
Keep your back straight, lower your body until you make a 90-degree angle of your front and back legs. Stand up straight and step back.

Repeat with the other leg. Do ten times on one side for three sets.
If you can’t go all the way, do what you can. You will see improvement over time


Eat well – that means reducing calories and making sure every calorie works for you, not against you.

Practice weight loss exercises.
Find something you like and stick to it.
Vary the intensity of your workout, both during your workout and in what you do. Use the big muscle to your advantage.

Your buttocks, thighs, and core should be involved for maximum fat burning.
If you have physical limitations, you can still practice within those limitations. Find a good trainer to teach you who should do the exercises properly and compose a program for you.
Start slowly and build-up.

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