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Treat Thinness and Gain Weight Treat Thinness and Gain Weight

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Ways to Treat Thinness and Gain Weight Quickly as Possible

Extreme thinness among young men, men, and women is an annoying and chronic problem. Women want a nice body to appear more feminine and attractive, just as men hate the weak appearance and the slender face, and we will express this case with the problem and not with a disease, because of not all cases of thinness result from Sick cause.

In this article, we will learn about 12 easy and simple ways to treat thinness and gain weight quickly, which does not require any extraordinary efforts or significant costs.

1- Eat more calories than your daily needs

It is impossible to violate the laws of physics and the laws of thermodynamics because energy is neither destroyed nor created from scratch and to gain weight you have to eat more calories than you burn. Some computers calculate the number of calories required daily, but in a simple way. Eat 40-45 calories per kilogram that increase weight, such as: if your weight is 60 kilos, eat 60 * 45 = 2700 calories and if your weight does not increase, then keep increasing. Gradually the scale moves.
You can also calculate your daily energy needs from the needs calculator, after which you can design the diet for yourself through a calorie calculator

Treat Thinness and Gain Weight Quickly

2 – Do bodybuilding exercises

The goal should be to increase the muscle mass, and not only for weight gain, and this advice is general for men and women, and increasing body fat causes health problems along with the unreal appearance of the rumen and flabby buttocks.
All you need to do is do iron exercises and work to increase the weights you lift each week.
Also, because exercising improves mood and increases appetite.

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3- Eat foods rich in calories

Eating calorie-dense foods does not mean eating unhealthy items full of Trans fat. You should eat natural healthy foods such as:
Nuts: It is one of the most important foods rich in calories and contains unsaturated fats and protein.
Beverages: such as protein drinks, juices, and whole milk
Eating calories full of fruits such as bananas, dates, and dried fruits while staying away from water-rich fruits such as watermelon, grapes, and oranges
Creamy Soup:
Add healthy oils to food like olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, canola oil, butter, while staying away from hydrogenated oils and artificial ghee.

You can also add creams and paints to your food, such as mayonnaise and dressing.
Eat vegetables, but stay away from water-rich vegetables such as cucumbers and zucchini.

4- Nutritional supplements to help with weight gain

Many nutritional supplements will help you gain weight, such as Serious Mass, Procomplex Jenner, Thomas, Diamond Frick, and Russian Bear Protein because these supplements contain large amounts of calories, protein, and creatine.

5- Eat double protein quantities

You have to eat a lot of meat, dairy, fish, nuts, and legumes because protein is the basis of building for all cells of the body and there is a study that has proven that a protein-poor diet causes erosion and waste in the muscle mass even with eating large amounts of calories.

6- Eat 5-6 meals a day

Dividing food into 5-6 meals causes an increase in appetite in a manner more than eating two or three large meals in addition to that small meals do not lead to bloating and indigestion, such as three huge meals.

7- Add spices and spices to the food

Add spices, herbs, and spices to the food, because foods that are accompanied by a smart aroma increase the appetite, such as Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon, and Rose Mary, and stay away from foods that do not like the smell in order not to spoil your appetite.

8 – Use oversized dishes

Some studies have shown that people who eat food in large dishes feel their brain that the amount of food is small, which facilitates the process of eating a large amount of food so make sure to arrange the food aesthetically with a view to a greater increase in appetite.

9 – Increase the amounts of zinc

Eating zinc increases the appetite and the testosterone hormone responsible for building processes and increases the muscle mass in the body.

10 – Eating fast

Studies have shown that after 20 minutes of eating, the brain will start sending signals and feel full, so try not to waste time leaving the fork and hanging on the plate, and be sure to chew food well so as not to suffer indigestion.

11- Take nutritional supplements to increase appetite (medicines to treat thinness)

Some studies have proven that nutritional supplements such as folic acid and B12 lead to increased appetite, and you can take tablets of these vitamins, but to obtain the best results as preferred to inject them into the body, some antidepressants can help to open the appetite, but you should consult a psychiatrist before starting to use antidepressants.

12 – A guaranteed prescription for thinness

Drink a cup of lemon juice in the morning. It leads to increased stomach hydrochloric acid, which is responsible for breaking down and digesting food. This leads to a greater increase in the absorption of food


To gain weight, you must increase the amounts of food and increase the calories from your daily needs. There are no magic recipes to treat the problem of thinness.
And bodybuilding exercises must be practiced to gain weight so that the weight gain is not at the expense of fat, and in the event of not gaining weight after following these tips, you must increase the food more for the scale to start moving.

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