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Waist slimming exercises Waist slimming exercises


Waist slimming exercises-slim waist workouts

Waist slimming exercises.One of the most important methods that a woman uses to obtain a slim waist is exercise,as it burns fat in the area in a healthy way

Waist slimming exercisesslim waist-belly fat

woman beauty

Women are greatly concerned with their beauty, to obtain complete elegance and distinct beauty, which attracts the attention of others to them, so the woman always strives for pure and clear skin, and shiny and soft hair, but physically she seeks the ideal weight, without increasing or decreasing, as we are concerned with that As much as possible, because that increases her femininity, and enables her to wear all beautiful clothes without experiencing the appearance of some flabs.

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Slim waist(Waist slimming exercises)

One of the most important methods that a woman uses to obtain a slim waist is exercise, as it burns fat in the area in a healthy way, and away from any damage and side effects, and some women resort to cosmetic operations to get a slim waist.

Special exercises to slim down the waist

Lying down aside: It is done lying on the ground on the right side, and then the hands are tied behind the neck, and then the bend of the abdominal area, chest, and head upward, with the pelvis and feet are fixed to the ground, and the exercise is repeated ten times, after which the lying on the left side is repeated and the exercise repeated In the same way and number.

Exercise standing on the ground and then turning the back forward, then spreading the hands in the form of two wings, and start moving to the right and left for more than twenty times, and you must make sure of the stability of the feet in this exercise and not move them at all.

Exercise of the feet: It is done sitting on the ground, extending the feet next to each other, and then moving them once to the right, once to the middle and once to the left, and repeat the exercise more than ten times a day.

Lying down exercise with lifting feet: With this exercise, lying on the back straight, and then lifting the feet and buttocks completely in the direction of the head, and the exercise is repeated ten times at the first time, and then the number must increase in each day, to get the desired result.

Exercise the chair: it is used to sit on the chair and tighten the back well, and then raise the feet more than thirty times daily.

Squatting exercise: It is an exercise that relies on fixing the feet on a straight ground, tightening the back, and then bending the bottom down more than once, and this is one of the exercises most followed by women, as it reduces the size of the waist, and increases the size of the rear.

Tips for slimming the waist

Avoid eating fatty foods as much as possible, and eat foods that contain fiber such as vegetables and fruits, is the most important for the body.

Avoid drinking soft drinks, as they are the main cause of increased fat around the waist.

Drink plenty of water over two liters per day. Wearing waist altercations throughout the day; they reduce the size of the waist, burn fat, and sweat out.

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