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Tiramisu dessert - How to prepare Tiramisu Tiramisu dessert - How to prepare Tiramisu


Tiramisu dessert – How to prepare Tiramisu

Find out more about How to make tiramisu, best homemade dessert.There are several ways to prepare a dessert, an easy and delicious recipes

Tiramisu with caramel cream


A cup of hot coffee.
A box of fingers biscuit.
A cup of cream.
A cup of cream.
Two hundred grams of cream cheese.
Two cans of cream caramel.
A cup of chocolate.
Chocolate powder for decoration.

How to prepare:

Bring a cake with high edges, and put a piece of nylon in it until its edges and base are covered, and part of it remains outside.
Put the hot coffee in a deep dish, then dip the biscuit into it and arrange it inside the mold.
Add the cream, cream cheese, cream, and caramel to the mixer bowl, and run it at medium speed until the ingredients are a smooth mixture.
Place the ingredients in a deep dish and add the crushed chocolate, then stir the mixture with a spoonful of plastic until the chocolate mixes well.
Add two-thirds of the chocolate mixture to the mold, then place a layer of biscuit mixed with coffee.
Add the remaining quantities of biscuits and chocolate.
Wrap the nylon ends on the biscuit until it sticks together.
Insert the mold into the refrigerator for the whole night.
Stir the tiramisu candy over the serving plate, and remove the nylon paper from it.
Put on the tiramisu the mixture of cream, caramel, chocolate, and cocoa, then serve.

Chocolate tiramisu

Preparation time is 15 minutes
Serves 4 people


Two hundred grams of mascarpone cheese, preserved in the heat of the kitchen.
Two eggs, the egg white separated from the yolk.
Two tablespoons of sugar.
Two hundred milliliters of cream.
Two cups of espresso cold coffee.
Twelve pieces of biscuit.
Grated chocolate for decoration.

How to prepare:

Whisk the egg yolk until it becomes light, add sugar, and whisk it well.
Add the mascarpone cheese to the previous mixture, then stir.
Whisk the egg whites until firm.
Whisk the cream until thickened, and mix with egg white.
Mix the egg whites with the mascarpone cheese.
Soak the biscuit with coffee, put it in a glass bowl.
Cover the biscuit with a layer of mascarpone, then put a new layer of biscuit over it.
Transfer the tiramisu to the fridge until it cools.
Take the tiramisu out of the fridge, then sprinkle it with chocolate and serve it.

Coffee tiramisu

Cooking time is 30 minutes
Serves 14 people


Two hundred and fifty grams of dark chocolate.
Fifty grams of butter.
the salt.
One hundred and seventy-five grams of sponge.
Four hundred milliliters of coffee.
Four eggs.
One hundred grams of sugar.
Seven hundred and fifty grams of mascarpone.
Two orange.
Freshly ground coffee.

How to prepare:

Place a bowl of the glass in a container containing water. The water should not rub with the base of the bowl, then add two hundred grams of chocolate to the bowl, and keep 50 grams of chocolate for later use.
Add salt and butter to the previous mixture, and leave them for five minutes until they melt, stirring them from time to time.
Place the sponge fingers into a deep bowl, then add hot coffee to them.
Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, then use the electric whisk to mix the sugar and the yolk, then add the oranges and mascarpone to them.
Clean the electric whisk, and then beat the egg whites until it becomes like a yolk, and place it on top of the chocolate layer.
Sprinkle the coffee on top of the tiramisu, and make sure to spread the chocolate with the knife.
Arrange some of the remaining oranges on the surface, then put the candy in the fridge for about two hours until it cools and serves.

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