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These Hilarious Cats are their Owners’ Worst Nightmare

Feeling Down? These Funny Cats Photos Will Cheer You Up

Trash the place

Leaving cats alone is always a game of chance. Will you come back to a happy cat and clean house, or will you return to a crime scene and a distinctly guilty kitty? If you picked option number two, congratulations!

You were right – but now your house is a mess. You just can’t win sometimes. If you’re going to leave your cat alone in the house, you should probably cover your garbage up – because they will knock it over and roll around in it. For some reason.

Read my lips

One of the most difficult things to do when a cat is around is trying to read. Cats seem to have an inherent dislike of literature, always trying to get your attention in different ways to disrupt your reading.

Hilarious Cats

This cat seems to have gone for the truly direct route, trying to sink its teeth into this person’s book to get their attention. A surefire way to spot a cat owner is to check their books for teeth marks.

Taxing animal

Ahh, taxes, so easy and simple to do that you can let your cat sit on your important calculations and mess everything up. No wait, it’s completely the opposite.

It’s difficult enough trying to figure out what is and isn’t claimable without Mittens deliberately obscuring your vital information – but you try telling them that. They never listen.

Showered with affection

Cats have something of a strange relationship with water – you try to get them in a bath of still water for a wash and they’ll almost take your head off, but running water is all fun and games for them.

This kitty has decided that it wants to drink from the shower far more than from their bowl – but it doesn’t want to get too wet. So what does it do? Tear a hole in the shower curtain and stick its face through it. Such a smart kitty.

Cat cupboard

Cats are immensely curious creatures, constantly investigating the world around them. This is why so many of them spend their days outside, seeing what there is to discover in nature. It’s also why so many of them go rummaging through your cupboards, to see if they contain any treats.

Hilarious Cats

No matter how many times you might exhort your cat to stop making a mess, they’re just going to keep rummaging until they find something to eat or something to sleep on.


You might not know this about cats, but their bodies contain three times the matter you see when you look at them. That’s why they need to stretch themselves across so much of your furniture to properly rest.

Just kidding, it’s because they’re audacious space hogs who want to be able to take over as many chairs at once for the sheer thrill of it. Yet should you even suggest that you might need to sit in one of those chairs, you’ll be met with the glare of a lifetime?

Missing meow

Cats are very independent, with some house cats even spending days out of the house at a time, just wandering around on their own steam. As such it can be very easy for a cat to make its owners worry that they’ve gone missing through a prolonged absence.

That’s what happened to this family, who were worried that their treasured cat companion had gone missing. Just when they were done printing out ‘missing’ posters though, who should show up at the door but their faithful feline!

Looking down on you

Sleeping around a cat is a process of ups and downs. Sometimes you’re lucky and your cat curls up next to you peacefully. Sometimes they decide that you aren’t done paying attention to them and wake you up with a paw to the face.

Hilarious Cats

Sometimes, we think they wake people up for the twisted fun of it. This cat is a member of the latter group, looking down sinisterly on its owner as if to guarantee that it’ll be jumping on their face the moment they close their eyes.

Food for thought

If you have a cat, you know that eating around them is as risky an activity as you can undertake. The moment you put that food on your plate, there is nowhere you can hide, and nothing you can do to stop them from trying to go after your meal.

They’re as brazen as it’s possible to be as well – often trying to take the food from your hand while you stare them right in the eyes. Cats think it’s all their food, and you’re just keeping it safe for now.

Seat stealer

Having a cat is comprised of a few experiences – not being able to sleep when you want to, not being able to eat without interference, and not being able to sit down without worrying whether you’re about to sit on Mr. Whiskers.

Cats love to sit where you want to sit – often going to sit there as you do, or after you’ve just left the seat. They neither know nor care that you only got up to get a drink and will be coming back momentarily – it’s their seat now.

Climbing the ladder

Cats like to sit on a lot of different things – and sometimes that means you. Many a cat owner has felt a sudden weight on their leg, only to see their friendly feline determinedly scaling their body like King Kong scaled the Empire State Building.

Cats either don’t know or don’t care (definitely the latter) that you need to move around and do things – all of which is made harder by having a cat draped over your shoulder. It doesn’t matter – you are the designated seat now, and nothing can change that.


As cute as they are, cats are very destructive animals. Give them the right thing and they will spend hours attacking it until they are sure that there is nothing left. One of the things that set cats into this frenzy is toilet paper…

Which is unfortunate, because unlike a cat scratcher or a tennis ball, toilet paper is incredibly easy to shred. As such, it’s common for cat owners to come home and find it looking like it’s been snowing in their home, all because Snowball went a little scratch-crazy.

Unwanted company

It’s wonderful to have the company of a cat, but you don’t want them to be following you around all the time. Unfortunately, the cat absolutely wants to be following you around, and they can be pretty persistent.

This cat owner went to the bathroom and closed the door – as anyone would – only to find themselves immediately being attacked by something from a horror movie. There is no escape from the cat creature, there is only – pats.

At paw’s length

Although they’re very affectionate animals, cats have specific ways of showing affection. They like physical contact like being stroked and scratched behind the ears for instance – but aren’t always so big on things like kissing and hugs.

If you try this with a cat and they aren’t feeling it, they’re going to make it abundantly clear, putting out a paw to stop you in your tracks before you can get anywhere near them. It’s best to stop when they do this before a paw becomes a claw.

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Hanging out

One of the most unique things about cats is their ability to completely ignore the laws of physics and the constraints of matter. When a cat wants to sit or lie somewhere, they’re going to – even if it means becoming a 4-dimensional shape or defying the laws of gravity to do so.

This kitty has decided that right next to its owner’s shoulder is where it wants to be, and it’s employing all the powers of levitation at its disposal to make it happen.

Get to work

Whenever a cat owner is working, their cat immediately wants to join in. It’s unacceptable, after all, that there should be anything that you need to pay attention to as much as your cat, so they decide to remind you of that.

This cat is being surprisingly professional in the way that they make their point, almost looking as if they’re going to start helping out with the figures any minute now. Most cats just resort to sleeping on the keyboard.

Think inside the box

A common feature of cats is their innate tendency to prefer sitting on anything else to sitting on the bed that you bought especially for them. This phenomenon tends to express itself most through the medium of cardboard boxes, as seen here.

This cat owner bought their feline friend an extravagant and plush cat house, only for the cat to immediately move into the cardboard it was delivered in instead. At least this keeps the property prices competitive.

Bedding bandit

Given their propensity for sneaking around and deliberately entering the most inconvenient places, you can often be halfway through a task when you find yourself confronted with a cat blocking your path.

This is most often the case when you try to make your bed, only to realize that your faithful feline friend has ensconced itself in your bedding. The next hour is inevitably a tangled mess of extricating the cat from the bedsheets so you can finally wash them, only for it to jump in the wash basket.


It makes perfect sense that a cat would want to play in a Christmas tree. After all, they love to climb and play in the trees outside, so a Christmas tree would just seem to them like the world’s most extravagant scratching post.

Unfortunately, Christmas trees are not for cats to play in, what with all the baubles and the lights, and the tendency to fall when cats start playing on them. Cats don’t seem to have got the memo though, nor do we expect them to.

Cat cooler

The cat’s greatest enemy and single-most desired conquest is the fridge. The fridge is the land of food and plenty – but it stubbornly keeps the cat out for unfair and inconceivable reasons. As such, cats make constant attempts to get in the fridge, and sometimes they even manage it.

This cat has managed to make their way into the motherlode, and the lack of guilt on its face lets you know that it would do it again the moment you turned your back.

A time for work and a time for zzz

Humans are gifted at focusing, able to zero in on a task and give it our undivided attention. To us, it may seem like cats are easily distracted and lazy in comparison, but they too have exceptional ability to know what matters and focus on it to the exclusion of all others.

Hilarious Cats

Take for instance this cat owner, who was trying to finish up a report before the deadline when his meow mate reminded him that right now was better spent as snuggling and snoozing time.


Let it never be said that cats do not have refined taste and an appreciation for classical artwork. Sure, they may spend most of their energy running around chasing sunbeams and fascinated by invisible motes of dust, but in calmer moods, they can be downright inspirational.

Take this sleepy cat, who recreates the famous Sistine Chapel fresco just by extending a single paw. And just like the original artist, nobody knows how he got up there or how he plans to get back down after his nap.

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