New symptoms of coronavirus infection … loss of taste and smell

Among the new symptoms of the Coronavirus, which doctors have discovered
The person loses his sense of smell and taste without showing symptoms of fever and cough.

New research recently conducted by a group of specialized ENT experts revealed that people who contracted coronavirus had symptoms other than the usual symptoms such as loss of sense of taste or smell.

There is evidence that “a large” number of patients with these effects are infected with coronavirus, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

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How To Prepare For Coronavirus

Coronavirus cases continued to be confirmed in the United States. By following some basic steps, you’ll help reduce your risk and do your part to guard others, if your community is affected.

The coronavirus continues to spread in Asia, Europe, and therefore the Middle East, with quite 90 cases and 6 deaths confirmed in the United States.

How to Prepare for the Coronavirus

While the Food and Drug Administration announced this weekend that testing in the US  would be greatly expanded, health experts are warning that the virus’s spread within the country is inevitable. meaning it’s time to organize your home and family just in case your community is affected.

Most important: don’t panic. While the outbreak may be a serious public health concern, the bulk of these who contract the coronavirus don’t become seriously ill, and only a little percentage require medical care.

By following some basic steps, you’ll help reduce your risk and do your part to guard others.

preparing for coronavirus…

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Coronavirus [Corona Virus] (Covid-19): What parents should know How to protect yourself and your children.

What is the “new” corona coronavirus? Coronavirus is new (CoV) when it arises from a replacement strain of coronavirus. The

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