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Street Cat Named Bob, The Death Of The Famous Cat BOB

Street Cat named Bob, whose exploits were turned into a best-selling book that helped change the lives of his heroin-addicted owner James Bowen’s around, dies at the age of 14.

The Death Of The Famous Cat BOB

James met Bob in 2007, and he lived with him unforgettable moments that lasted for nearly 14 years, in which he visited many places together, even as he wrote a book called A Street Cat Named Bob in which he details the details of Bob’s life and their strong friendship.

Their film version has the same title as the book “Street Cat Named Bob
Many of Bob’s fans around the world are shocked, especially his friend James … the separation is a difficult thing

Street Cat named Bob

A famous cat who has appeared in books and been portrayed in films has died…
14-year-old Bob transformed the fortune of friend and owner James Bowen…
Mr. Bowen was a recovering heroin addict when he met Bob at his base…
Bob followed him everywhere, including Mr. Bowen’s London bus tours…
Bowen’s book ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ was published in 2012.

A street cat that helped transform a heroin addict into a bestselling author.

Bob, the protagonist of James Bowen’s memoir A Street Cat Named Bob, died on Tuesday at the age of 14.

Hodder & Stoughton, who published the bestseller in 2012, confirmed the feline’s death in a sincere statement.

Street Cat named Bob,

Bob the cat, a street cat who helped transform the lives of the recovering heroin addict bestselling author James Bowen (right), died at the age of 14.

It said, “While James and Bob continued to find fans all over the world, Bob led an incredible life wish at book reviews, traveled the world, and dealt with the fame of the felines.

He was an extraordinary cat, who will be sorely missed.

Mr. Bowen was a recovering heroin addict when he met Bob in the spring of 2007 when the cat was abandoned and injured in the hallway of his supported home in Tottenham.

After he was taken to the vet for treatment of an infected wound to his leg, the street musician put him back on the street hoping he would find his home.

Instead, Bob took a liking to his new friend as he followed Mr. Bowen around wherever he went – Even on the bus, he also took to go busking in Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus.

Mr. Bowen took the cat inside for good after he assumed he had nowhere else to go and gave him his name because of the busker’s fondness for Killer BOB from the American horror drama Twin Peaks.

death of cat BOB

It was the beginning of a relationship that changed the life of the recovering addict. The cat accompanied Mr. Bowen during his musical performances in the streets of London and also in his shifts at the sale of the Big Issue in the English capital.

Five years after the couple met, Hodder & Stoughton published Mr. Bowen’s novel of his relationship with Bob, the first of four books about his furry friend.

The World According to Bob, A Gift from Bob and The Little Book of Bob have since been published, with the collection selling eight million books in more than 40 languages worldwide.

The author’s first memoirs were developed into a film in 2016, with Luke Treadaway starring Mr. Bowen.

At the London premiere of the film, Bob met Kate Middleton and was even accused of stretching the Duchess of Cambridge after she was spotted the next day with a band-aid on her hand.

M. Bowen and the story of Lead was turned into a film in 2016, with award-winning actor Luke Treadaway (presented) portraying the role of M. Bowen.

Commenting on Bob’s death, Mr. Bowen, 41 years old, said, ‘Bob saved my life. It’s as simple as that.

He gave me so much more than the company. With him by my side, I found a direction and purpose I had missed.

The success we achieved together with our books and films was miraculous. He’s met thousands of people, touched millions of lives.

There’s never been a cat like him. And that will never happen again.

The death of the famous cat BOB

Mr. Bowen said that his relationship with Bob gave him ‘a direction in life’ and that his death means that ‘the light in my life has gone out’.

I feel like the lights have gone out in my life. I’ll never forget him.

The grief surrounding Bob’s death has been felt by social media users around the world.

Lucy Isabel twittered: I’m so upset about Street Cat Bob’s death. I’ve met these guys 8 times, both outside and at cat shows and A Street Cat Named Bob was easily my favorite book. That cat saved a man’s life. He’ll be missed.

Tom Hayes said, “Aww, this is sad. James Bowen and Bob have been through so much, it’s sad to see Bob go. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend A Street Cat Named Bob. A delightful movie based on true events.

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