Pavlova Cake – Easy pavlova recipe

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Pavlova Cake

Pavlova cake or Russian Pavlova dessert is light, thin and easy to prepare, and it has become a popular dish in Australian and New Zealand cuisine, and for the ease, it has been described has spread throughout the world, and Pavlova Cake has become a lot in celebrations and holidays.

Cooking time: 45 minutes


To make a cake:

6 eggs.
½ 1 soft sugar cup.
½ 1 teaspoon cornstarch.
1 teaspoon vinegar.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract.
1 tablespoon boiling water

To make decorations:

1 cup whipped cream.
½ cup of powdered sugar.
1 cup strawberry, sliced.
½ small teaspoon vanilla extract.
½ kiwi cup, chopped.
1 teaspoon lemon juice.
3 tablespoons of sugar

How to prepare Pavlova :

In an electric whisk bowl, whisk the egg whites well until they double in size, then gradually add the fine sugar at a high speed for 5-6 minutes, then add the vinegar, vanilla extract and boiling water and whisk well for another minute, then leave the mixture aside.

how to make a pavlova with pictures

Draw a circle about 20 cm in diameter on a buttered sheet, then put the butter paper in a baking tray, then pour the mixture on the circle and set it aside using the spoon as shown in the picture, then put the tray in a pre-protected oven at a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes and then let it cool the oven.

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To make decorations:
In a cooking bowl, put strawberries, kiwi, sugar and lemon juice on low heat for 5 minutes, then set aside cool, then beat creamy cream until soft, then add sugar and vanilla and whisk them well until the mixture becomes thin and creamy.

best pavlova recipe

Decorate the surface of the cake with a mixture of cream and sugar, then place on top of the cream layer the fruit mixture, as shown in the picture.

pavlova recipe

Serve the Pavlova Cake and enjoy it.

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