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Ocicat - Why an Ocicat could be the right cat breed for you Ocicat - Why an Ocicat could be the right cat breed for you


Why an Ocicat could be the right cat breed for you

It can be difficult to resist the Ocicat, with its short, spotted coat and playful personality. See if this attention-loving cat breed is a good match for you and your family.

The Ocicat is an incredibly distinctive house cat breed whose appearance is similar to that of the wild Ocelot cat, hence its name. They are also often mistaken for the Bengal cat by uninitiated, thanks to their beautiful and very distinctive coats! However, the Ocicat is not part of the Bengal cat gene pool, and unlike the Bengalis, they have no wild ancestry to attribute their interesting coat color to; the Ocicat is homely.

If you love the look of Ocicat or if you are wondering if they are a good cat for you and want to know more, in this article we will look at the background of Ocicat and some of their most important traits to help you decide

Where does the Ocicat come from?

The Ocicat is a relatively modern breed, with the first cats that produced the current breed lines being established only in the sixties. They were initially produced due to attempts to produce a Siamese cat with the color points of the Abyssinian, but within the litter of the second generation, a spotted kitten was produced of course, although unexpectedly. While this first kitten was neutered, later breeding of the same parent cats resulted in more speckled kittens, and these were used for the first breeding program to deliberately produce more spotted cats, in the breed we know today as the Ocicat.

Later breeding attempts to produce the same spotted coat from different parents were accomplished by crossing an Abyssinian cat with a Siamese and then breeding the offspring back into a Siamese.

By the 1980s, the breed was well established and recognized by all the major cat registers in the world, and the breed has now spread and become popular throughout the world.


It has an exotic appearance.

If you fantasize about living with a wild cat, look no further than the Ocicat. His spots give him a look that resembles an ocelot, but there’s no wildcat DNA in his gene pool – he’s a domestic breed. He was developed by crossing Abyssinians, Siamese, and American Shorthairs.

He is social.

Generally self-confident and extroverted, the Ocicat usually loves his family, but also new people. It would not be unheard of for him to walk to a house guest to cuddle or play. He also gets along well with children, dogs, and other cats.

He is on his way.

The Ocicat is generally very active. He can enjoy playing games such as fetching, and it is not unusual for him to learn to walk on a leash.

He is usually not afraid of heights.

The Ocicat seems to be able to reach some of the highest points in your home, and if he’s not busy playing with his toys, you’ll often find him there.

He’s intelligent.

Known for his brain, the Ocicat usually enjoys playing puzzles and learning new tricks. Challenge his mind by teaching him to come when called, to sit on command and give you a high five.

Want to know more about this fascinating breed? Check out our Ocicat cat breed profile for more information about his personality, grooming needs, history, and more.

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