New symptoms of coronavirus infection … loss of taste and smell

New symptoms of coronavirus infection

Among the new symptoms of the Coronavirus, which doctors have discovered
The person loses his sense of smell and taste without showing symptoms of fever and cough.

New research recently conducted by a group of specialized ENT experts revealed that people who contracted coronavirus had symptoms other than the usual symptoms such as loss of sense of taste or smell.

There is evidence that “a large” number of patients with these effects are infected with coronavirus, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

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symptoms of coronavirus infection

Currently, the only symptoms reported by the World Health Organization referring to coronavirus infection most likely are recurrent cough, fever, or fever.

According to the British Society of Otolaryngology, two-thirds of patients with the Coronary Coronavirus (COVID-19) had a loss of sense of smell and taste, as they could have one or both symptoms.

According to WHO data, other less common symptoms include headache, disease, diarrhea, stuffy nose, as opposed to high fever, and a dry cough.

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Corona Covid 19 virus effects on the body

Therefore patients are advised to follow the current guidelines for self-isolation, if they have a persistent cough, fever, or both, or if someone in his family has these symptoms.

Maria Van Kerkhof, Head of the Emerging Diseases and Diseases Unit at the World Health Organization, said losing a sense of smell or a loss of taste may be one of the signs and symptoms of coronavirus infection.

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