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Nescafe cake - How to make a cold Nescafe cake Nescafe cake - How to make a cold Nescafe cake


Nescafe cake – How to make a cold Nescafe cake

Learn How to make a cold Nescafe cake, best homemade cake.Here is how to prepare an easy and quick cold Nescafe cake, easy recipe

Nescafe cake

Cold Nescafe cake is one of the most delicious varieties of modern desserts, which are constantly presented in family sessions and different occasions, and it has a delicious taste that includes the flavor of Nescafe very desirable for adults and children. In the refrigerator for two days or more until use.
One piece of Nescafe cake contains a good percentage of calories and carbohydrates, in addition to several proteins and cholesterol, as well as mono and saturated fats, so it can be eaten between the main meals as a kind of sweetener, as it provides the body with the energy needed to perform various daily actions, with the need to reduce The number of sweets in general because of their general health effects.
They raise cholesterol and may cause diabetes if eaten in large quantities.
Here is how to prepare an easy and quick cold Nescafe cake:

Preparation time: 20 minutes – 2 hours of cooling.

How to make a cold Nescafe cake

the ingredients

One large baguette of plain biscuits.
One can of ready-made cream.
One cup of fresh or pasteurized milk.
Half a cup of coarse sugar.
A teaspoon of vanilla.
One hundred grams of roughly ground almonds, for garnish.
Two tablespoons of Nescafe powder.
A quarter cup of liquid Nescafe mixed with water or milk, to immerse biscuits.
Pack of ready-made cream.

How to prepare

Whisk the milk, Nescafe powder, cream, sugar, vanilla, and cream in the electric mixer until the ingredients overlap and form a homogeneous mixture, then put it in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes until it cools completely.
Mix a little water and sugar and put them on low heat, and keep stirring until the sugar becomes golden and caramelized, then add crushed almonds and stir well until mixture is mixed, then remove it from the heat and pour it on the tin paper greased with butter or corn oil so that it does not stick and leave Until it cools down.
Start by immersing the biscuit in a liquid Nescafe container mixed with water or milk, then strain the biscuit pieces and stack them compactly in a glass tray of pyrex, until the bottom layer is completely covered with the biscuit.
Take the cream mixture out of the fridge, put some of it on top of the biscuit, and spread it well.
Repeat submerging new biscuits and placing them on top of the cream mixture, and so on until you form more than one layer.
Return the tray to the refrigerator for hours.
Break the sugar-mixed almonds into very small pieces and sprinkle them over the cake to create a beautiful shape, then serve cold to the guests.

Nescafe cake with cream caramel

the ingredients

One carton of plain biscuit.
One cup of liquid Nescafe.
One packet of cream caramel.
One can of cream.
2 wrappers of ready-made cream.

How to prepare

Mix the cream with a cup of cold milk until ready.
Then add the cream, the cream, and the caramel powder and mix them well.
Dip the biscuit with Nescafe and drape it with pyrex plaster.
Next, put a layer of the cream mixture on the biscuit, then apply the biscuit dipped in Nescafe, then put the cream mixture on top of it.
Put it in the refrigerator when you’re done to hold it and decorate with pistachios, melted chocolate, or whipped cream.

Nescafe cake with cake

the ingredients

Ready cake mold; vanilla or cocoa.
Two cans of cream powder.
One cup of cold milk.
Two tablespoons of Nescafe.
tow a big spoon of sugar.
Two cups of hot water.
One can of cream.
One tablespoon of milk powder.
A teaspoon of Nescafe.
A spoonful of cocoa, to decorate the face.

How to prepare

First, melt a small Nescafe spoon with a cup of cold milk, then whisk it with the cream.
Put the cream tray when the cream thickens, then blend it well with it, then put it in the refrigerator for an hour until it sticks well.
Cut the cake mold into thin pieces.
Then take the cream out of the refrigerator, and start making the cake and cream layers.
Dissolve two tablespoons of Nescafe in hot water with sugar, then start dipping the cake pieces and then filter the tray as a first layer, then a layer of cream, then a layer of biscuit and then a layer of cream, do almost four layers and consider that the cream layer is the last, then sprinkle cocoa on the face.


The more the cooling, the better the results.
It is best to eat it cold with a cup of coffee.
Stay in the refrigerator for three days.

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