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The Most Hilarious Animal That Fails The Most Hilarious Animal That Fails


The Most Hilarious Animal That Fails

Animals are truly unique. They are faster than us, they can look further than us, they can jump higher than us, and let’s be honest – they are also much cuter than us. But despite the superior physical talents of our furry friend, animals still fail occasionally. These animals are perfect examples that cats, dogs, and other four-legged friends are not immune to looking a little crazy from time to time. Take a look at the most hilarious animal that fails here. The cat will have you cracking up!

A Dog Who Knows What He Wants

This dog must not have eaten forever to be greedy or deprived of food. It’s just a picture, puppy! In any case, animals can be quite funny if you pay attention to them in a funny way.

funny dog

Lucky for you, we’ve collected lots of pictures of failed animals. We bet you can’t get through the whole thing without laughing at least a few times.

This dog must not have eaten forever to be greedy or deprived of food.

Panda Down

Here we see a slide and a panda doing the main stand. The only feasible explanation is that the panda slid his head down and tried to jump off before the end because it was too scary for him or her. Let’s get into the shoes (or coat) of the panda to imagine what he or she was thinking.

animal fails

“This slide looks fun! No one is around to enjoy it with me or take a picture for the zoo bulletin board so I guess I’ll go down by myself. Oh my gosh, this is terrifying, someone please help! Well, I’m never doing that again.”

Super Raccoon

What we have here looks like it didn’t end well at all. It’s quite a pity for the raccoon because it looks like he gets hurt when he lands on the ground. Hopefully, they plan to land like a cat, so the fall won’t be so bad.


“Oh boy, there’s some garbage on the floor! I see those other animals doing this all the time, all I have to do is jump and spread my arms. Okay, here goes nothing. Wait, what is happening? Why aren’t I soaring through the air? This is going to hurt.”

All Paws Matter

This cat is looking like these are the last moments it will have on this earth because she’s in her last life. They may have wasted her last eight lives crossing the street, hunting for the neighborhood mouse, and getting hit by a car. As she faces her impending doom, all she has to do is cry for a precious life.


“Why did they clip my claws again? I’m not going to scratch anybody anymore. How am I supposed to climb my favorite tree now? It’s going to be so much harder. Hey, why are you playing like that? Help me up, please stop! Someone help me, this is it!”

Let Me In Or Else

It is common knowledge that cats don’t like to get wet, so when this cat was stuck outside during a downpour, he was understandably upset. Instead of letting him in immediately, the owner decided to take a picture of the cat, as if he was about to kill someone because he had left him outside.


“Why did you leave me out here if you knew that it was going to rain?! You better let me in right meow! Are you serious? Are you taking a picture now?!?! That’s it. I’ll take revenge. ‘

Get Off Of Me!

It seems this hippopotamus has unwanted visitors on his back. He probably enjoyed a nice bath in the water when these birds arrived and sat on his back. Well, then the hippopotamus lost it because it doesn’t like to be so overwhelmed! It was probably just trying to relax, but these birds just ruined their time in the pool!

funny animals

The birds: “What does it matter, why did you choose this stone to relax on? Why does this wet rock move so fast and make sounds? Do you think we should find another place? I’m not sure, this is quite a nice ride if you ask me. ‘

Where Is Everyone Else?

It’s rather strange to see only one goose in the middle of the parking lot on a slide. Where are the rest of her friends and why is she so calm about the whole thing? There’s a lot of questions to be asked here, but let’s see what the goose was thinking. 

“I finally arrived! And I came here in front of everyone else, but I wonder why it’s taking so long? They said fly West first before heading South, didn’t they? I wonder why there isn’t much water here. That person is taking a picture of me and I think I’m lost.”

The Deer That Slipped

In the distance stood a majestic deer. A deer that many have heard of, but few have seen. This deer was said to be a rejection of the North Pole and ended up in the woods. What was so majestic about this deer is that it could sit on the ground just like a human being.

“Looks like I’m going to have to cross this ice to reach my destination. I hope it’s safe. Except it’s ridiculously cold, it’s not so bad. Oh my god, help! Boy, I hope no one caught a glimpse of that….”

When The Day Gets Worse

It’s already bad enough that his family probably was hunted down by a pack of lions earlier in the month or even earlier that day. Now some type of bird wants to sit on his head and drop one down his forehead. The lack of respect is thus at an absolute high point. The look on his face says it all.

“Man, I miss Uncle Ricky. Those lions always want somebody to come and get us. We have to do something about this! Our herd is just too small now to retaliate. Oh hey, buddy how’s it going? Wait don’t do that! That’s just great, thank you for that.”

The Lizard’s Last Bite

Lizard sees a cat and decides it would be a good idea to chomp onto the cat’s nose. Now unless this is some punk cat, we are pretty sure this cat is going to attack back like a championship boxer in a prizefight. And maybe it’s the last time this lizard will walk the streets. 


“Hey, big guy, yeah I’m talking to you! Why don’t you lean down a bit so I can teach you a thing or two? You aren’t so tough you know just because you’re bigger. Take this! Welp, maybe that was not such a good idea.”

Cat Caught Between Dimensions

This cat has put itself in a seriously sticky situation. We mentioned earlier how flexible cats are and this proves that statement even more. Whatever made this cat think it was a good idea to slip between this tight space is beyond us and through the looks on his face, he might be in pain.

“Oh look, a sliver of space for me to try and slide in. Let’s see if I fit. Okay, my head fits. Now let’s see if I can go any further. Cub, I can’t go any further, somebody gets me out of here, quick!”

Mission Impossible: Mouse Trap

This mouse has some nerve to do this. And what makes it even funnier is the look on the face when the person takes a picture. It looks like he knows he’s just got caught up in slippery things that have never been seen before. This may be common practice in the mouse community, but this was the first time it was captured on film.

“Okay now is my time to get from under this guy’s pillow. There was no cheese and I just want to go home now. Cub didn’t expect anyone to see me do this, clumsy.”

Confused Dog

Rarely are the words technology and dogs ever used in the same sentence. However, it appears that this dog has stumbled upon a smartphone and opened up the front-facing camera. Yes, it looks like a 50-year old man’s Facebook profile picture, but that’s an undeniably good looking dog.

“Is this on? Son? Can you hear me? I don’t think it’s working, I can’t see anything. Hang on, let me turn it around. Oh, wow! I scared myself.”

The Loyal Hound

You know what they say, a dog is man’s best friend. They greet you when you come home, they keep you company, you can use them as a pillow, and hey, if you need to, you can put your coffee on their head and come back to it later.

“I know I told myself I wouldn’t let him do this anymore. It’s downright humiliating. But every time he comes back he gives me one of those treats. Those things are like crack. Okay, THIS is the last time.”

The Pup That had a Long Day

We’ve all been there, had a day that was so long that you physically can’t even make it to the bed. This pup surely tuckered himself out after a long day on gnawing on chair legs and peeing in the house. It’s a ruff life.

dog sleep

“Oh look over there! This smells good! What was that? There’s so much to do and explore! I’m just going to run in circles. 1,2,3,4,5,6 circles!…I need a nap. This looks like a good spot.

Gamer Cat

Just like dogs, cats, and technology don’t go hand in hand. But here we have a cat that plays a Game Boy and gets caught red-handed. It looks like the owner came home early and interrupted his playtime.

“Okay mom, you caught me, but hear me out. I know that I’m supposed to be in bed but please, you have to let me beat this level. I’m so close and then I’ll go right to be I promise.”

The Morning After…

It looks as though this feline cut loose with the boys last night. He’s in for a rude awakening with probably no idea how he ended up on the ground or anything that happened the night before for that matter.

“Oh, my head. How did I end up on the ground? Need water, right now. I can’t believe you guys talked me into coming over last night. I know I’ve said it before but I’m never drinking again. Hey! Who put nail polish on my whiskers!”

Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

Whoever said that dogs hate loud noises has never met this dog. He’s in the zone, volume up to 10, having the time of his life. Don’t throw away this puppy’s groove, otherwise, he’ll make sure you never find your right shoe.

“If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by? ‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles if only I could see you if only I could hold you tonight”

The Unemployed Cat

This cat sure has mastered the art of chilling out. Nothing like clicking on the TV and drinking a cold one after a long day of doing nothing. Don’t worry, he’ll start looking for a job tomorrow, he swears.

“Oh man, what a day. I’m just going to put my feet up for a few minutes… Hey, honey! Let me know when it’s time for me to throw the steaks on the grill. Also, did you delete my recording of Chopped?!”

Distraught Feline

On top of being soaking wet, which is this cat’s worst nightmare, it looks like he was just told that a meteor is about to strike the earth in the next 30 seconds. An all-around bad day for this miserable little guy.

“What?! What do you mean a meteor is about to hit earth? You drop this on me when I’m all wet? This is your fault! I told you that I can bathe myself, I do it every single day! Now I’m going to die like this, wet and ugly. Thanks, pal.”

The Suspicious Cat

Plain and simple, this cat looks like it’s up to no good. I would hate to be this cat’s owner, and by the looks of it, they’re going to wish they weren’t either. By the way, he’s rubbing his paws together, it’s like someone is seconds from walking right into his trap.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, just a little bit closer. C’mon just a few more steps and I’ll finally have caught you. They’ll never even suspect it was me, no, of course, they won’t. I’m just the cute family cat, or at least that’s what they think.”

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