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Yoga for beginners - 10 minutes of yoga to give your day a flying start Yoga for beginners - 10 minutes of yoga to give your day a flying start

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Morning Yoga For Beginners: 10 Min of Yoga To Give Your Day A Flying Start

Try this 10-minute yoga sequence for size to balance your body and concentrate your mind.

Best morning yoga for beginners: You need a little more energy to start your day, right?
Try this 10-minute yoga sequence for size to balance your body and concentrate your mind.
And no special training equipment or studio space required – these beginner-friendly yoga postures can be done on a mat or in the comfort of your living room.
Let this yoga routine awaken you with flexibility, balance, and strength, so you can get through the day with a Zen mentality. this morning yoga for beginners and advanced.

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Morning yoga for beginners

Best Yoga for beginners

Child’s Pose yoga


Kneel and then take your knees wide and big toes to touch.
Walk forward with your hands until your forehand is resting softly on the ground.
Practice deep, steady breaths and exhales for about 3-5 breaths as you let go of distractions and focus on your yoga practice.

Tabletop yoga


Rise from child’s posture to tabletop, with your shoulders stacked over wrists and your hips stacked over knees.
Put the same weight through your hands and knees, relax your feet, engage your abdominal muscles and extend your spine.
The gaze is between your hands.
(Tip of morning yoga for beginners: if this bothers your knees, place a towel or rolled up edge of a yoga mat under your knees for more support).

Cat poses yoga


Press in your hands to round your upper back, as if a rope were pulling the middle of your back to the ceiling.
Lower your head and stick your chin to the chest while hugging your belly to the spine.

Cow poses


Lower your belly and raise your chest.
Stay grounded by your hands as you widen your shoulders. Look up or forward and hollow out your lower back.
Drop your shoulders away from ears.
Switch between cat and cow two or three times.

morning yoga for beginners at home

Downward facing dog yoga


Walk a few centimeters to the front, curl your toes underneath and raise your hips to a dog facing down.
Your legs can hold a slight curve, but reach down to the ground up to your heels.
Grind through all your fingers, especially the space between your thumb and index finger, and press through your arms as you lift your hips up and down.
Keep breathing 3-5 times.

Forward Fold


Walk slowly with your feet towards your hands and step apart at shoulder width.
With a slight curve through your knees, lower the top of your head to the ground, the belly reaching for the thighs, and let your hands dangle towards your toes.
Relax your upper body. Try moving your neck here and discover what it feels like to bend or straighten your knees, recognizing stiffness or tension in any part of your body.
Keep breathing a few times.

Halfway uplift


When inhaled, place your hands on your shins and lift your shoulders to be in line with your hips.
Breathe here while your body forms a right angle. Pull in your core and open your chest to the front. Look down to extend the back of your neck and keep your neck safe.
Exhale to fold forward and repeat.



Wave your arms up to the sky while standing up straight.
Keep both your feet equally heavy, with strong legs and an active core.
Soften your shoulders away from your ears and stretch your fingertips up while your palms face each other.
Your body is one long energy line: head over shoulders over hips over heels.
Breathe in 3-5 counts, close your eyes, and set an intention for your day.

morning yoga for beginners-side stretch mini backben-plank

Side Stretch


Exhale to stretch out to one side of your body, keeping the weight of both feet equal.
Return to the center and stretch out to the other side. Stretch your abdominal muscles to protect your lower back.
Only go far enough to hold your breath easily and avoid cracking through both sides of your body.
Repeat twice more, for a total of three pieces on each side of your body.

Mini Backbend


Come back to Tadasana for a mini-backbend: bend your elbows at shoulder height to both sides of your body, like a goalpost, and lift your chest and chin.
Hold the front of your body, quadriceps, and nuclear force.
Pull your shoulders down as you open your heart to the ceiling.
Keep breathing for a while and then stand up again.

Plank yoga


Fold forward from tadasana and step back into the planking position. Your hands are shoulder wide with your feet together.
Stack your shoulders over your elbows over your wrists and align your hips with your shoulders and heels.
Look down between your hands and activate your whole body, using all your muscles.
Fall to your knees for less sensation and hold 3-5 breaths.

Low cobra morning yoga for beginners


Slowly lower down to your belly. Bring your hands along your body, close to your low ribs, hugging your elbows firmly.
Press firmly on the top of your feet to lift your knees off the ground.
Breathe in your chest a few inches and lighten the weight through your hands.
The gaze is down, the neck is long and the shoulders are relaxed away.

Exhale to drop your forehead to the ground, inhale and press back to the board (on your knees or toes), and exhale to return to the dog facing down.

Morning yoga for beginners - Downward facing dog with leg lift

Downward facing dog with leg lift


From a downward-facing dog, intentionally lift one leg and bend your foot to the ground to keep your hips level.
Steer the heel of your other foot a little closer to the ground and press evenly through hands and arms.
Keep breathing a few times and as you exhale, release your raised foot to the ground.
Repeat with the other leg.

Low fallout


Inhale to lift your left leg up high, then exhale to step forward as you bring your left foot between your hands. Breathe.
Your fingers frame your left foot and your belly moves up and away from your left thigh.
Squeeze your right leg and stack your right heel over your right legs.

Warrior II


Exhale to turn your right heel down. As you breathe in, lift your torso while your arms reach out wide.
Your left knee is directly on top of your left ankle. Pull your belly in, stack your shoulders over your hips and keep both feet equally heavy.
Pull your left knee to your left toe. Look past your left hand and put the muscles through your arms as your pelvis sinks.
Hold 3-5 breaths here.

Extended side angle


On your next exhalation, bring your left elbow to the inside of your left leg. Keep your lower half the same as Warrior II.
Press firmly through the outer edge of your hindfoot. Lift your right arm to open your chest to the right and stack your shoulders together.
Continue to bend through your left knee as you create length through the left side of your body, pulling your hip back slightly.
Your gaze can be downwards, sideways, or upwards. Keep breathing 3-5 times.

By doing morning yoga for beginners once a week is very helpful.

reverse warrior-sideboard

Reverse warrior


As you breathe in, lift your left arm up and back. Again, the lower half remains the same.
Your right hand can rest gently on your back thigh or reach around your lower back for a binding.
Remember to distribute the weight evenly over your legs and feet as you find length in your spine and create space between your shoulders and ears.
Keep your chest open to the right and stare at your rear foot or raised hand.
Hold 3-5 breaths and don’t forget to bend through your left knee.



Wind your arms to the ground and move to a high plank.
Move the weight to the left side of your body and slowly peel your right hand and foot away from the ground as your hips rise.
You can stack your ankles on top of each other as your right arm raises, or bring your left knee to the ground for a less intense variation.
Either way, use your core to lift your hips. Tin can be down, neutral or up.
Breathe as you build up strength.



Return from the side shelf to the high shelf on your toes or knees.
Slide your shoulders slightly forward and exhale to lower your body until your elbows reach 90 degrees.
Do not go lower to protect your shoulder, elbow, and wrist joints.
Keep your core involved.
(Tips of morning yoga for beginners: this is the same pose as a high plank, only your elbows are bent this time!)

Upward facing dog


On your next inhalation, press through your hands to lift your shoulders and stack them over your elbows and wrists.
Pull your chest forward while moving your belly, thighs, and knees off the ground.
The only body parts that touch the floor are your palms and the top of your feet.
Drop your shoulders off your ears and look forwards (not backward) to find openness through your chest, shoulders and abdominal muscles.
Exhale to the dog-directed downwards and repeat the whole series (from low drop to a dog-directed upwards) on the other side.
Repeat a complete round on both your right and left side.

chair poses

Chair poses


After you have returned to the downward-facing dog, look forward and step both feet to your hands.
Inhale halfway up the elevator and exhale to fold forward. Breathe in to find a seating position: sit with your hips down and backward with your feet hip-width apart.
Your toes and knees point forward in the same direction. Keep your back long and your abdominal muscles engaged.
Relax your shoulders away from your ears, raise your arms high.
Palms face each other. Breathe here.

Prayer Twist


Take your hands to the heart center and press your palms against your sternum.
Hold your lower half in the chair position. Now turn to the right by connecting your left elbow to the outside of your right knee.
Hips stay lower than shoulders and elbows stack over each other. Pull your left knee and hip back a little so they stay in line with your right knee and hip.
Press your palms firmly together to deepen the twist. Breathe a few times.

Repeat on the other side, moving the right elbow to the outer left knee.

Tree shapes – Morning yoga for beginners


From the sitting position, stand upright with both feet on the ground. Shift your weight to your right foot.
Lift your left leg and bend through your left knee.
Bring your left foot to the inside of your right calf or inside of the right thigh – you can place the underside of your foot anywhere on your standing leg, just avoid pressure on your right knee!
Stand up straight to secure your standing leg and push your left knee out slightly. Arms may converge in the heart center or raise as tadasana.
Keep your balance stable by focusing on one thing in front of you that is not moving.
Balance a few breaths and then do the other side.

Horse poses


Put your feet wide and turn your toes outwards. Bend your knees and lower your pelvis to the ground.
Steer your knees toward your pink-tips to find an external rotation.
Options for your arms are hands on the hips, arms outstretched or bending through each elbow as shown.
Stack your shoulders over your hips as you continue to sink your hips and turn your knees outward.
Keep breathing a few times.

Morning yoga for beginners -10 min of yoga

Forward fold with wide legs


Stand up from the horse position and turn your feet and knees forward in the same direction as your hip points.
With a long back, lower your upper body over your thighs to a wide forward fold.
Your arms can grasp opposite elbows or dangle to the ground. Hold a slight bow through each knee and distribute the weight between the heel and ball of each foot.
Breathe deeply through this piece.

Sitting forward fold


Swing both legs out in front of you.
Bend your feet to your face and sit up straight. Breathe both arms high above your head and then fold forward over your legs.
Hands can rest on your thighs, shins, and feet. Draw a straight line from your head to your tailbone and keep your abdominal muscles active.
Inhale to lengthen your spine and exhale to fold a little deeper forward.
Breathe here until you are ready to continue.

Seated twist


Steer your legs long again and put your left foot over your right knee. Your right leg stays stretched.
Sit up straight and put your left hand behind you like a second spine, with your left hand behind your tailbone.
Inhale long and exhale to slowly turn to the left. Bring your right elbow or palm to the outside of your left knee.
Inhale this twist and release and repeat on the other side.

Doing yoga at home regularly: Doing morning yoga for beginners once a week is very helpful.

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