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Recipes to remove belly sagging-diet Recipes to remove belly sagging-diet

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Methods of rapid slimming of the abdomen and buttocks-Faster way to fat loss

Obesity of Abdomen and buttocks

Slimming Abdomen and buttocks

It is known that the abdomen and buttocks area is one of the most areas that gain excess weight, it is prone to gather fat faster than the rest of the body, and men are considered the most vulnerable to this type of obesity, which is called the medium obesity or the shape of an apple, and weight can be judged A person by measuring the waist circumference if the waist circumference in men exceeds 102 cm, and in women more than 88 cm, this is an indication of the presence of obesity.

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Methods of rapid slimming of the abdomen and buttocks

Commitment to a healthy diet, and it is necessary to be low in calories, and to avoid consuming soft drinks that are considered one of the most important causes of fat accumulation in the abdominal and buttocks areas, and a consultant in nutrition can resort to setting a healthy, low-calorie food program.

Practicing sports exercises related to losing the abdominal and buttocks areas, such as practicing 20 minutes of running a day, rowing, and bicycle. Recent studies indicate the importance of aerobic exercises in getting rid of fats, by practicing these exercises for no less than ten hours a week, These exercises not only get rid of the belly fat and buttocks but also the fat in the body in general.

Adequate sleep, studies have shown that burning belly fat is better for people who sleep on average from six to seven hours because fatigue leads to an imbalance in the metabolic processes in the body, which is accompanied by eating unhealthy food and sleep in excess of eight hours Reduces the chance of getting rid of accumulated fat in the abdomen and buttocks.

Drinking water in sufficient quantities, as it is advised to eat eight cups a day of water, in order for the body to refrain from storing water, in addition to the fact that the water facilitates digestion and the burning of fat throughout the body, especially the abdomen and buttocks.

Avoid stress and psychological pressure, in order to get rid of emotional insatiable, which causes a person to eat unhealthy food and greedily when exposed to sadness or joy, and relaxation, meditation, and exercise can eliminate stress, in order to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body.

Drink green tea with exercise, as it is recommended to drink three cups of green tea daily to get rid of fat in the abdomen and buttocks.

Drink one of the drinks of slimming the abdomen and buttocks, including steeping equal amounts of green tea, cinnamon, sage and chamomile in boiling water, then filtering the water from the herbs and drinking it when it is cold twice in the morning and evening.

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