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lower back pain causes female lower back pain causes female

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Lower back pain causes female

Lower back pain in the female is one of the most common diseases among women, affecting nearly 80% of them, and its causes are many and varied. by this article, we introduce you lower back pain causes in females and how to avoid it.

Causes of lower back pain in female

Some girls and women complain of these pain with headaches, excess nervousness, and pain in the breasts several days before menstruation due to an increase in the proportion of estrogen, which leads to the retention of an excessive amount of water and salt and congestion of the pelvic tissues, breasts, cartilage, and brain, and often these troubles gradually disappear once they descend Menstruation.

In severe cases, the female can take some diuretic drugs in the week preceding the menstrual period, or eat some foods that have the same effect, such as lettuce, cabbage, and celery.

The injury to ulcers or chronic inflammation in the cervix leads to back pain, as the herniated disc in the lumbar vertebrae is one of the most common causes of pain and leads to sciatica and helps in the occurrence of the herniated disc. The body takes the wrong positions while sitting or standing or carrying heavy things or making movements Sudden violent back.

These pains also occur after menopause and the severe lack of estrogen, resulting in a gradual weakness in bone density, including the vertebrae, and leads to osteoporosis, aided by a lack of calcium, lack of movement, and taking cortisone for long periods.

As for pregnant women, back pain occurs due to the relaxation of the ligaments in the pelvic area and the lumbar vertebrae due to the hormonal change that occurs during pregnancy and the accompanying water retention and congestion of tissues. The pressure of the fetus in the womb on the lower part of the spine and the muscles and ligaments increases the feeling of pain Also, the wrong way the pregnant woman tilts backward increases the back pain.

Causes of lower back pain in women

Lower back pain in women

Back pain is a common pain in female, especially lower back pain, and women are the most affected group because of the ongoing physiological changes in her body, such as menstruation and repeated pregnancy, as it is one of the most common causes of lower back pain, and the rate of infection in females reaches a rate of Eight out of ten women have this pain.

Causes of lower back pain in female


Menstruation usually accompanies a variety of pains in a female’s body, in addition to mood swings and bad psychological condition due to the secretion of the estrogen hormone, which affects and causes these symptoms, as it also results in pain in the breasts, pelvis, backbones, and vertebrae, and these symptoms are often temporary that ends with the end of menstruation.

Cervical ulcer:

Low back pain is a symptom of a cervical ulcer.

Uterine or genital infections:

These infections cause pain in the lower back.

Sliding cartilage:

This condition is usually the result of erratic behaviors and improper movements made by the woman while doing housework, or lifting heavy loads, causing cartilage slipping that results in back pain.

Causes of lower back pain in pregnant women

During pregnancy, the secretion of some hormones in the body increases, which affects the tissues and ligaments around the pelvis and causes them to weaken.
It is a common practice for pregnant women since ancient times to walk in a way that makes the pregnant’s back arch inward, and this method increases lower back pain.
Fetal growth, especially in advanced stages of pregnancy, which increases the fetus pressure on the vertebrae in the lower back, which results in pain due to intense and increased pressure on it, and also as a result of heaviness that is concentrated in certain areas.
The weight of the pregnant woman increased significantly above normal.
Some women experience lower back pain throughout pregnancy and several months after pregnancy.

Prevention of lower back pain in female

To avoid loosening of the pelvic tissues and ligaments and back, daily exercise should be focused on the pelvic area, and one of the best exercises or sports is walking, as these exercises help to reduce obesity and reduce weight gain during pregnancy, which leads to pain In the lower back, in addition to following the right things in the movements of women in their daily practices, and it is preferable to wear comfortable shoes for women in general regardless of whether they are pregnant or not, in addition to maintaining the consumption of foods rich in calcium to strengthen bones, and avoid fragility and pain, either pregnant women or Menstruating women More calcium should be consumed during this period.

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