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lemon water - What happens if you drink lemon water for 1 week lemon water - What happens if you drink lemon water for 1 week


What happens if you drink lemon water for 1 week?

Lemon water is very popular. It is offered in almost every restaurant as a free upgrade to normal water. Some drink it simply because they prefer the taste, but some are doomed to the alleged health benefit.
Few studies have been done on lemon water, but we know enough about lemon and water. Both are very good for you.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that people swear by lemon water in various health improvements. If you take it daily, you should know if it will help in about a week or so. This can happen if you adopt the habit of lemon water.

Easier to lose weight

Studies in mice show that polyphenolic antioxidants in lemon can reduce weight gain despite a high-fat diet. Insulin resistance also improved in these mice.
More studies are needed to determine whether the results in humans can be doubled, but anecdotal evidence is favorable.

People who regularly drink lemon water report a lighter weight, although it is not clear whether the combination of lemon and water is a fundamental factor.
It may be that consuming more water makes your diet feel full and prevents overeating.

Lemon water

Better hydration

Good hydration is the key to good health. In general, you should drink between 91 and 125 grams of water per day.
Some may come from food, but the rest should be deliberately drunk. Water is not very exciting to drink alone, and some people don’t like the taste of running water.
Adding lemon to the water is thought to enhance the taste enough to encourage people to drink more and thus to hydrate better.

Get enough vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant with many health benefits. It can only be obtained through food because our body does not synthesize it alone.
Receiving the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.
Vitamin C is good for the skin and binds to free radicals that accelerate aging.
Vitamin C may even reduce the duration of the cold, but studies in this regard are contradictory. It certainly can’t hurt. Lemons are not the richest in vitamin C, but they are still a great source. Adding it to your water regularly can only help you reach the recommended daily dose of 60 mg daily.

Younger looking skin

Moisturized skin is happy skin, so consuming more water is already an excellent start to getting that wet look inside.
Not only does moist skin stay firm and smooth, but it also can expel toxins through sweat.
Vitamin C in lemon helps reduce wrinkles that make you look older and boosts the production of elastin and collagen.
Lemon water can be a powerful tool for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Faster metabolism

Some swear by warm lemon water early in the morning to start their digestive system.
There is no real evidence that adding lemon to water makes a big difference. Still, water usually on an empty stomach can help speed up metabolism after a dormancy period. It is logical to think that after eight hours without drinking, it is essential to hydrate immediately.
Getting enough water is also a key to avoid constipation. So if adding lemon makes you more likely to drink water as soon as you get up, cheer up.

There is a reason why lemon is a characteristic aroma in all types of cleansers. This helps neutralize the odor. The same principle applies when you have to remove bad breath from durable foods such as onions, garlic, blue cheese, or fish.

Lemon also promotes saliva formation. This is important because the dry mouth has a stronger odor due to excessive bacterial growth. Think about your morning breathing, and you’ll know what we mean.

No kidney stones

Kidney stones are mostly calcium deposits, and experts recommend taking more citric acid to reduce the risk of their development. Like oil, lemon is an excellent source of citric acid.
More water is also essential to keep your kidneys healthy, so the combination is a good bet for people prone to stones.

Drinking only ½ cup of lemon juice in one day will give you the same amount of citric acid as prescription medications for people who have kidney stones.

What happens if you drink lemon water for 7 days

Stabilized moods

Studies have shown that the smell of lemon reduces the stress hormones that regulate mood. For this reason, lemon oil is most commonly used in aromatherapy products.
Drinking lemon offers this benefit, as do the vitamins and potassium found in fruits. Potassium plays a vital role in the regulation of blood pressure, and hypertension is associated with stress.
Therefore, a lack of potassium can affect your mood. Overall, lemon water can be a relaxing drink.

Balanced pH

It is healthier to have an alkaline environment in our body because diseases like cancer prefer an acidic environment.
This seems unconstitutional because lemons are very acidic, but consuming them can help to achieve the right balance of alkaline pH in our digestive system.
The reason is that citric acid, when metabolized, produces alkalizing by-products.
Keep in mind that consuming alkaline foods does not necessarily affect the pH balance in our blood, but mostly in the urine. The kidneys do the job of controlling the pH in the blood. Still, bladder health is essential! Ask anyone who has had a urinary tract infection or, worse, bladder cancer.

In the end, drinking water is never a wrong decision, and there is absolutely no reason not to add lemon (unless you are allergic). Drinking lemon water provides useful nutrients and antioxidants as well as the necessary hydration. And just because the evidence of health benefits is mostly anecdotal, does not mean that it is not true. This simply means that the problem has not been sufficiently formally studied.
Drinking water with lemon, especially in the morning, has been an Ayurvedic practice for thousands of years.

Ayurveda is a type of natural health care mainly practiced in India, which aims to balance the energy to prevent disease. Whether or not you are seduced by the idea of ​​holistic medicine, consuming lemon water is currently a trend; it is by no means a flash. Try it out! There’s nothing to lose.

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