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How to make sushi at home-Homemade sushi How to make sushi at home-Homemade sushi


How To Make Sushi At Home-Homemade Sushi

Find out more about How to make sushi at home. homemade sushi,What do you need to make sushi at home? How do you make sushi for beginners? make sushi recipe

How to make sushi at home

Homemade sushi

How to make sushi at home

the ingredients

Six leaves of seaweed.
Pack of sushi herbs.
A slice of avocado, sliced. A cup of rice prepared for sushi.
Soy sauce – as needed.
Two hundred and thirty grams of New Zealand salmon or any desired type of raw fish.
800 grams of cream cheese, sliced.

How to prepare

Lay the seaweed on a bamboo mat and cover it with seaweed leaves, then spread an equal layer of processed sushi rice, and gently press the layer of rice.
Lay the salmon layer then the cream cheese layer, the avocado slices and roll the sushi tightly and then cut it with a sharp knife serve the sushi rolls with soy sauce.

How to make delicious sushi at home

the ingredients

Two tablespoons of rice vinegar.
Two cups of rice.
Sugar – as desired -.
Salt – as desired -.
Slices of crab fish or any other kind of fish – as desired -.
Slices of carrots.
Slices of cucumber.
Pinch of assorted spices. a
Pickled ginger – to serve –
Leaves of dried seaweed.
Soy sauce – to serve.

How to prepare

Cook the rice after washing it well several times to completely get rid of the starch by placing two cups of rice, and two cups of water in a saucepan, and raise it over the heat until the rice is completely cooked.
Carrot washes well and cuts into long, thin slides, as well as cucumbers.
Chop crab fish into small slices.
Put the rice vinegar in a bowl, and you can increase or decrease the quantity as desired, add the rice, salt and sugar and move the ingredients together.
Lay a layer of seaweed on a bamboo mat, then put a layer of rice over the weeds, then slices carrots, cucumbers, and crab fish.
Roll the sushi well, then cut it with a sharp knife and serve it with soy sauce, pickled ginger.

Sushi fast

the ingredients

Bamboo mat for wrapping sushi.
A sheet of seaweed.
Soy sauce – to serve.
Rice mixed with vinegar.
Wasabi paste.
Japanese pickle with sesame oil.

Ingredients for the first filling:
One hundred grams of peeled and cut finger-shaped cucumber.
A teaspoon of mayonnaise.
A slice of tuna.
A stalk of boiled asparagus.

The second filling components:
A slice of smoked salmon.
Boiled asparagus.

How to prepare

Stretch the bamboo mat and put the algae paper on it then moisturize the hands with water and stack the rice on the algae paper, then sprinkle it with sesame and gently stir the rice with sesame.
Lay a light layer of mayonnaise, then put the tuna slices, slices of cucumber, asparagus and gently roll the sushi and set it aside until served with wasabi paste, soy sauce and repeat the same step with the second filling ingredients.

Sushi with fruits

the ingredients

One and a half kilograms of short rice.
Three cups of water.
Two tablespoons of sugar.
An adequate amount of coconut milk.
A spoon of coconut extract.
Mixed fruits such as pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, papaya, raspberry, and kiwi.

Ingredients for raspberry sauce or manga:

Mashed berries.
Mashed manga.

How to prepare

Wash the rice well and cook it with water until it is soft and absorbs the water and transfer it to another bowl and add sugar, coconut milk, coconut extract to it and mix well.
Prepare the sauce by mixing mashed manga, mashed berries and sugar together.
Put the layer of rice in a round or square dish, and stack it well, then turn the plate over, put fruits on it, pour the sauce, then serve immediately.

This it’s How to make sushi at home.

Delivery time for ingredients: Fifteen minutes
Cooking time: Fifteen minutes

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