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How to make a lazy cake at home - Homemade lazy cake How to make a lazy cake at home - Homemade lazy cake


How to make a lazy cake at home – Homemade lazy cake

How to make a lazy cake at home

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Lazy Cake

The Lazy cake is one of the delicious desserts and it is an easy and simple cake made from biscuits, cocoa, or chocolate and other additions and can be made using eggs or without eggs. Its name indicates that making it is easy and possible, especially for people who do not like cooking or cooking difficult types of food and who do not have enough time to manufacture other types of sweets, as they do not require much effort, time, or many amounts to make them, and they remain edible for several days after making them, and here are a group of recipes How to prepare Lazy Cake in more than one way.

How to make a lazy cake at home

Lazy cake with eggs


One carton of tea biscuit.
Two eggs.
Half a cup of sugar.
A quarter cup of powdered milk.
Three tablespoons of butter.
Half a cup of cocoa powder.
A glass of water.
A teaspoon of vanilla.

How to prepare:

Bring a pot and put the butter in it and simmer it over low heat. When the butter melts, add the sugar to it and stir them together. Then add the eggs and vanilla, whisk the ingredients and stir them using the hand whisk.
Add cocoa powder and also stir, and here you can control the degree of cake color. If you want it darkly, increase the amount of cocoa. If you want it lighter, reduce the amount of cocoa.
Keep moving the ingredients until they mix, and when the ingredients are homogeneous and the texture becomes a little thick, remove the pan from the heat.
Cut the biscuits into little large pieces and put them in a bowl, then add the cocoa mixture to the biscuit soaked in the mixture.
Bring a tray and put plastic wrap or aluminum foil in it then put the biscuit mixture and cocoa mixture and cover the mixture with an aluminum wrap or paper and put the tray into the refrigerator and leave it for three hours.
Take it out of the fridge, chop it up and serve it, you can decorate it with coconut and nuts like pistachios to give it a better taste.

Lazy cake without eggs


One carton of plain biscuit.
Half a cup of dressed and colored chocolate.
A quarter cup of cocoa powder.
A quarter cup of caster sugar.
Two cans of cream or custard.
Half a cup of coconut.
Half a cup of shaped nuts.

How to prepare:

Break the biscuit into medium size pieces.
Bring a bowl and place the cream and stir until tender, then add soft sugar, cocoa powder, and nuts, and stir the ingredients well and leave them until they mix and hold together.
Add the sliced biscuits to the previous mixture and stir well until the ingredients are mixed and the biscuits are covered.
Bring appropriate sized aluminum foil and spread coconut on top with coated and colored chocolate beads, then pour the mixture over it and wrap the tin foil in a cylindrical shape with a little pressure on it until the ingredients hold together and make sure the aluminum foil is wrapped well and sturdy.
Bring the cake to the fridge for half a day or overnight, until the ingredients are firm and frozen, and after you freeze, cut and serve it to your loved ones and family. (You can include coconuts from the cocoa mixture and nuts.)

Lazy Cake balls


One carton of plain tea biscuit.
One can of cream.
Half a cup of liquid milk.
One cup of cocoa powder.
Four tablespoons of fine sugar.
A quarter of a tablespoon of vanilla extract.
Three cups of coconut.

How to prepare:

Bring a bowl and put the cream in it, add soft sugar and vanilla extract, and cocoa, and mix and mix well until the ingredients are mixed and homogeneous and distributed among them.
Cut the biscuit until you have fine crumbs, and you can do this by breaking the biscuit pieces into smaller pieces, then put them in a plastic bag and crush them with a mortar or a rolling pin.
Add the biscuit to the mixing bowl and stir the ingredients together, then add the milk to the mixture and stir and stir until the ingredients are homogeneous and you have a soft dough.
Put the dough in a nylon bag, then put it in the fridge for two hours.
Remove the bag from the refrigerator, and shape the dough into balls the size you want.
Place the coconut in a bowl and dip the coconut cake in one place after another, put it on a serving platter, and serve it cold. You can add coconut to the mixture and not just to decorate the face of the cake.

Lazy cake with cream and pistachios


Two boxes of plain biscuits.
One can of cream.
A cup of liquid milk.
Fifty grams of butter or a whole block of butter.
Four tablespoons of cocoa powder.
Four tablespoons of fine sugar.

How to prepare:

Bring a pot and put the milk in it and leave it on fire until it boils.
When the milk starts to boil, add the amount of butter to the pot, stirring until it melts.
Add cocoa and sugar after the butter melts, and stir well until the ingredients are well mixed and smooth.
After the ingredients are homogeneous, put the pot off the heat and put the mixture in a bowl for kneading and mixing.
Add the cream to the bowl with the ingredients, stir the ingredients and stir them well.
Break the biscuits directly on top of the mixture, and stir with the mixture until you have a firm, homogeneous dough.
Bring the aluminum foil or the transparent nylon cover, put the mixture on one end of the aluminum foil, then roll the foil in a cylindrical shape and tighten the closure and pressure. Put the lyse cake in the refrigerator for five hours, then take it out ten minutes before serving it to decorate it with pistachios and to be able to cut it easily, you can add crushed pistachios to the cocoa mixture so that you can enter the components of the cake, not just for decoration.

Lazy cake with cream caramel


Two boxes of Marie’s tea biscuit.
Two cans of cream.
Four tablespoons of sugar.
Three tablespoons of cocoa powder.
One can of cream caramel.
Two scoops of whipped cream.
One piece of flake or any kind of chocolate you like.

How to prepare:

Bring a suitable cup, put the tray of caramel into it, then add four tablespoons of boiling water and stir and add half a cup of cold water, and stir the ingredients until the cream becomes thick caramel.
Bring a bowl and put in it all of the cream, sugar, and cocoa, and whisk it using the whisk until it all mixes, then add the cream to it as caramel and whisk again.
Bring the Pyrex tray and break the biscuits in them, then add the previous biscuit mixture, and mix the ingredients until the biscuits are covered.
Put the tray cake in the fridge for a time to hold and freeze.
Bring another bowl and put the whipping cream in it and add the milk and whisk it until you have a soft cream, add it on the face of the cake and spray the chocolate over it, and serve it cold, and you can also decorate it with ground pistachios

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