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How to make a Chocolate Swiss Roll at home How to make a Chocolate Swiss Roll at home


How to make a Chocolate Swiss Roll at home

Find out more about How to Make a Chocolate Swiss Roll at home, best homemade Swiss Roll.easy way to make a Chocolate Swiss Roll, easy and delicious recipe

How to Make a Chocolate Swiss Roll at home

Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss Roll is one of the most popular desserts around the world, which is preferred by young and old people, and is characterized by the ability to diversify its filling according to desire, as it can be filled with chocolate and cream with fresh or dried fruit, and below we offer you an easy and wonderful way to prepare the Swiss Roll Cake with chocolate at home.

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Prepare a Swiss Roll with chocolate filling


Cake ingredients:
Seventy-five grams of flour.
Twenty-five grams of cocoa.
Seventy-five grams of sugar.
Half a cup of water.
Three eggs.

Filling components:
One hundred grams of soft butter.
One hundred grams of melted chocolate.
One hundred grams of powdered sugar.
A cup of chocolate chips.

How to prepare

Whisk the eggs and sugar in the electric mixer until a creamy mixture is formed.
Mix the dry ingredients, then put it with water over the egg mixture.
Stir the mixture well until the ingredients are mixed.
Bake the cake in a baking oven for 12 minutes.
When the ripening is cooked on the butter paper and rolled, leave a bird.

Preparing the cream:
Whisk the butter and sugar in the blender until a light mixture forms.
Add the melted chocolate and mix until the ingredients are homogeneous.
Open the cake, spread the cream mixture, then wrap it again.
Sprinkle a little soft sugar and chocolate flakes on top.

Swiss Roll with jam and pieces of fruit


A cup of flour.
Three-quarters of a cup of fine sugar.
Half a cup of milk.
Half a cup of soft butter.
an egg.
Teaspoon soda carbonate.
A teaspoon of vinegar.
Teaspoon vanilla.
Pinch of salt.

How to prepare

Put the flour and salt in the mixing bowl after sifting.
Whisk the butter and sugar until a creamy mixture is formed.
Add soda and vinegar carbonate and stir, then add eggs and vanilla.
Add the flour gradually, while continuing to whisk.
Add the milk to the mixture and stir well.
Pour the cake mixture into the Suez Roll tray after wrapping it with aluminum foil.
Bake the cake at 190 ° C for about 12 minutes.
Turn it over the butter paper and roll it while pressing it until it remains firm.
After it has completely cooled, put the jam on it and cut the fruits you want.
Wrap it again and decorate it with fine sugar and a few pieces of fruit.

Swiss Roll with vanilla


A cup of flour.
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar.
Four eggs.
A quarter cup of hot water.
Chanté cream with vanilla flavor.
Teaspoon vanilla.
A teaspoon of baking powder.
Pinch of salt.
teaspoon grated lemon peel.
1 tablespoon of starch.
Colorful Farmsley Granules For Decoration.

How to prepare

Whisk the eggs and vanilla until the eggs have more than doubled in size.
Add sugar and lemon zest to the mixture and whisk well.
Sift flour, starch, baking powder, vanilla, and salt, then add hot water and stir well.
Add the egg and sugar mixture to the flour mixture and whisk until smooth.
Grease the oven tray with butter and sprinkle a little flour in it.
Pour the cake mixture and put it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
When it is cooked, allow it to cool completely, then stir it over baking paper and sprinkle a little soft sugar.
Wrap the cake with butter paper and set it aside to cool.
After it cools, open it and grease it with cream, shanty from the inside, and roll it again, then apply it from the outside.
Decorate it with colored farmers.


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