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How To Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

Cat fleas, people who keep cats in their homes, their cats suffer from many diseases or germs. Can also be infected with fleas, and fleas are small animals that are similar in shape and size to lice. Still, they are quick to fly and jump, which leads to their spread throughout the house through their eggs, and their transfer as well to the clothes and bodies of household members, which causes severe discomfort in the home, and there are several ways to get rid of the fleas we will mention in this article. According to Petmd

How to get rid of cat fleas

Use a flea comb

The flea comb is one of the ways by which fleas and their eggs can be removed from the cat’s hair, and among the steps that must be followed when using a comb are the following: Dip the comb in hot, soapy water after each pass on the hair, to remove fleas from the comb—combing in the direction of hair growth. Repeat the steps more than once to get the desired results.

Bathing the cat

The bath would kill the majority of the fleas remaining on the cats after the combing step. In this process, it is not necessary to use a shampoo designed to kill or drown fleas. Still, a regular bath with the use of light cat shampoo or baby shampoo is sufficient, and despite this, rice shampoo or eucalyptus can be used, Or lavender, or a shampoo with a high citrus content; As all of them work as a repellent to fleas. On the other hand, some people may want to use shampoo designed to get rid of fleas. In this case, it should be used as an aid to get rid of fleas and not the primary treatment, and it should not be used as a preventive measure, as in these two cases, the cat will need to shower daily, which is unhealthy for cats.

Wash the bed

To kill fleas, the bedding in the home must be washed, including sheets, pillow covers, and carpets, as they must be inserted in batches to the washing machine, washed in warm or hot water, then transferred to a hot dryer until they are completely dry, and to ensure the final disposal of fleas can be repeated This step, concerning avoiding washing with cold water even if the textile instructions stipulate that; Heat is necessary to kill fleas and their eggs. If the bed is impossible to clean, it must be disposed of and replaced with a new one.

Vacuum clean

Regular vacuuming will reduce fleas and eggs, which are found in carpets, or cracks in wooden floors, curtains, or upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is recommended to vacuum all of those above and the areas where the pet sleeps and the areas where it eats food. Finally, the vacuum cleaner container must be emptied and disposed of the garbage bags directly to prevent the fleas from leaking again.

Get rid of fleas in your yard

There are many products available in the market that can get rid of fleas in the yard or the open air in general, and before using the product instructions must be read well; Because some of them are toxic, and for use, the product is suspended in the water hose used to irrigate the garden, then it is sprayed in all places containing fleas, with the need to stay away from flowers or vegetables.

Home ways to get rid of cat fleas

Use a decoction of lemon.

The smell of the natural oils emanating from the citrus boiler helps to kill the fleas, and this method is used by cutting three to four grains of lemon into soft slices, placing them in a bowl full of water, then boiling them on the fire for half an hour, then removing the cooked lemon from the fire. Drain it, then pour it into a spray can. This is to use it to spray carpets, pets, and other places where fleas are seen. A lemon decoction can be substituted for a mixture of lavender oil and water for people who do not prefer the smell of citrus fruits.

Use of lemon and chamomile

Lemon is anti-insect citrus, and to kill fleas, lemon juice can be mixed with a little water in a ratio of part to part (1: 1), then put in a spray bottle, and spray a bit of it on the cat, while chamomile can be used by adding an appropriate amount of it to water, leave it until it boils, then leave it aside, and filter it as soon as it cools, and then take the remains of chamomile, then soak a piece of cloth in the chamomile soak, and apply the mixture on the whole cat’s body.

Use baking soda and salt.

The mixture of baking soda and salt contributes to suffocating and killing fleas, and it can be used by mixing equal parts baking soda and salt in water, spraying it on the carpet, pet beds, and all other places where fleas are present, leaving it for a period of three to four hours, then cleaning it well with a vacuum cleaner.

Other home ways to get rid of fleas

There are many home remedies that can get rid of fleas in cats, including the following:

Sawdust: the smell of sawdust repulses fleas, so they can be placed around the cat sleeping place, or around the home garden, or sprayed with cedar tree oil on their fur, or by placing several drops on the cat collar, as it is a safe oil.

Spices: The use of spices is one of how you can get rid of fleas in cats, by mixing a teaspoon of oregano oil, with three teaspoons of olive oil, and placing the mixture on the most areas where fleas gather, such as the tail and neck Behind the ears, and the belly, rosemary leaves can also be used by grinding them and applying the powder to the places where cats sit in the house.

Salt: Salt helps to kill fleas on cats and helps to kill fleas and their eggs on the carpet, and it is used by spraying salt on the mat, or by mixing an amount of it with water to wipe hard surfaces.

Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of fleas in cats, and it is used by mixing two parts of apple cider vinegar with one piece of water, then spraying the mixture on the cat’s fur.

Use medications to get rid of fleas

It is advisable to consult your veterinarian to familiarize yourself with the types of medicines intended to eliminate fleas. It is also preferable to purchase medication from the veterinarian himself. This is because some medicines sold in pet stores may harm cats, and it is possible to choose between immediate topical medications or medications that are administered orally. It is also important to inform the doctor that there are children or pregnant women in the home. This is so that he can determine the safest medicine for them and the cat.

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