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get rid of anxiety and stress get rid of anxiety and stress


How to get rid of anxiety and stress

Learn how to get rid of anxiety and stress with simple psychological ways Anxiety and stress are very harmful psychologically, as they stimulate all receptors of tension in the body and may also turn into a pathological matter that affects not only your psyche but also your body because they are influenced by several hormones that control essential functions and important organs.

how to get rid of anxiety and stress

So we offer you simple healthy ways in which you can eliminate anxiety and stress and get away from them as much as possible:

Get rid of anxiety and stress, by Doing exercise

Exercise is one of the most important things that help to get rid of anxiety and stress. People who exercise regularly are less likely to be anxious and tense than people who do not exercise, as exercise helps reduce stress hormones in the body in the long term, such as cortisol, and that exercising It helps to release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve mood, and help improve sleep quality and thus reduce anxiety and stress.

Get rid of anxiety and stress, by Meditate regularly

Meditation for a few minutes a day can alleviate anxiety. According to Wb, daily meditation may alter brain nerve pathways, helping to deal with anxiety and stress, where meditation is done by Sitting straight back, putting feet on the ground, closing eyes, focusing attention on repeating some positive phrases or phrases loudly or silently, and avoiding distracting and bad thoughts.

Get rid of anxiety and stress by breathing

Breathing is a useful tool to get rid of anxiety and stress and fighting psychological stress. The breath is also a big sign of your anxiety and stress throughout the day. Short shallow breaths indicate stress and anxiety in the brain and body, but on the other hand, conscious breathing helps, in addition to prolonging the breath. On sending signals to the brain that you should relax.

Get adequate sleep

Researchers at Berkeley University found that lack of sleep can increase anxiety, by stimulating areas in the brain that are associated with emotional treatment, so feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear can be reduced, by getting adequate sleep, where it is necessary to obtain About (7-9) hours of sleep every night, to reduce stress, balance hormones in the body, reduce fatigue, and prevent mood swings, it is worth noting that lavender oil or chamomile oil can be spread in the bedroom, to help relax.

Get rid of anxiety and stress, by Laughter

Laughter is beneficial to health because it works to provide the body and all organs with more oxygen, and it reduces tension by relaxing the muscles, and it is worth noting that laughter helps in the long run in improving the performance of the immune system in the human body, and it also has a great role in Mood adjustment.

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