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How to boost the immune system? Seven golden tips to strengthen the immune system

The body’s immune system works like an antivirus program on modern computers because it can fight viruses, microbes, and fungi in the body. But it needs constant care to keep doing it right, so what are the ways to increase its efficiency? and to strengthen the immune system. How to boost the immune system?coronavirus immune system

The immune system protects the body daily against millions of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens that try to infect the body with diseases in different ways. The immune system works in a very efficient way to maintain the course of our lives and any small imbalance that occurs causes rapid symptoms and makes the body vulnerable to diseases and viruses without protection.

How to boost the immune system?

Here are seven useful tips to strengthen the body’s immune system:

strengthen the immune system-food     Proper intake of important vitamins and nutrients: many people resort to ready-to-eat foods and fried foods, which contain many calories sufficient for the growth of the body, but do not contain vitamins and nutrients necessary for the functioning of body organs, especially the immune system. This risk increases especially in winter and cold weather, and with the increasing number of microbes, germs and viruses in the atmosphere.
The solution lies in eating healthy food and eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, especially those that contain a large percentage of the red color, such as red pepper and tomatoes, in addition to cabbage or cabbage, which helps strengthen the immune system.

strengthen the immune system-sleeping Sufficient sleep: The strong immune system needs a period of physical rest to restore its activity. When there is less sleep, the immune system loses some of its efficiency and becomes vulnerable to viruses. And recent studies have shown that the body produces half the number of antibodies that protect the body against diseases and viruses when there is insufficient sleep. Experts demand that a person sleeps as much as six hours a day.

to strengthen the immune system

Cold feet weaken the immune system: Cold feet cause human symptoms and influence the efficiency of the immune system because the body reacts quickly to cold feet and gives different instructions to prevent this. Some of these instructions are based on reducing the flow of blood in the skin and mucous membranes, reducing the amount of blood in the nose and mouth and they’re cold. As a result, the mucous membranes lose their ability to catch viruses and microbes, which can survive and live in the mucous membranes and then enter the human body. As a result, symptoms of coughing, colds and neck pain begin.
The solution here is to cover the feet well and not expose them to the cold.

strengthen the immune system-people  Exercise strengthens the immune system: exercise is important for human health and also important for strengthening the immune system. But excessive exercise also reduces the efficiency of the immune system and makes the body vulnerable to viruses and microbes, That is why it is recommended to rest when you feel tired while exercising.

strengthen the immune system-stress      Stress is the enemy of the immune system: Stress can be the main enemy of the immune system in nature after viruses and microbes, since during stress attacks the body produces large amounts of the stress hormone “cortisol”, which prepares the body for risks, such as flight preparation or fighting. In this case, the brain stimulates the functioning of other systems in the body, including the immune system.
Therefore, those who constantly suffer from stress at work or in public life are more prone to disease than others.

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Alcohol opens the body’s doors to viruses:

Researchers have discovered that alcohol damages the work of some immune cells in the body. With continuous consumption or alcoholism, these cells lose the ability to resist viruses and microbes. And the body can then be exposed to prolonged cold attacks or even infection with dangerous viruses due to a lack of efficiency of the immune system.

strengthen the immune system-smoke Smoking depletes the immune system: Nicotine overworks the immune system and adversely affects work. The smoke produced by nicotine and entering the lungs causes side effects and causes the immune system to interact with it. At that point, the mucous membranes stop in the bronchi and bacteria and viruses can pass through without protection. The body becomes more susceptible to infections.

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