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How do I get rid of obesity in my arms How do I get rid of obesity in my arms

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How do I get rid of obesity in my arms-Best way to lose arm fat

How do I get rid of obesity in my arms

Best way to lose arm fat

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Eliminate obesity in the arms

Losing obesity in the arms requires burning calories through exercise and reducing the calories consumed in foods and drinks every day, as this helps to lose arm fat. If someone wants to lose (half a kilo) of fat, he or she must burn 3500 calories. It is worth noting that the fat is dissolved from all parts of the body, including the arms, by doing aerobic exercises that depend on the movement of the upper part of the body, such as running, swimming and boxing for a period of half an hour a day.

Changing the diet

When trying to lose weight, pay attention to the quality of calories consumed. Every meal should contain nutrients that meet the needs of the body, such as protein-free fish or chicken, make sure you eat vegetables that are rich in water and fiber, and examples of healthy foods that It can be taken during the three main meals:

Breakfast: spinach, eggs, mushrooms and wholemeal bread.
Lunch: grilled chicken and green leaf salad with breakfast cereals.
Dinner: zucchini, wholemeal pasta with grilled steak.

Exercises to get rid of obesity in the arms

Plank exercise

The practice of yoga exercises, in general, helps to strengthen the muscles of the arms and the entire body, and these exercises are plank exercise, and it can be done by lying on the ground on the belly and then making the arms perpendicular to the ground so that the hands and shoulders are parallel to them, and the body is parallel to the ground, with a tummy tuck Inward, hold this position from 30 seconds to a minute.

Weight training

There are several weight exercises that can be done to reduce hand obesity, including:
Letter V: It can be done by:
Lie on the abdomen, extend the arms in the shape (V) forward with the legs extended backward, and then grip the weights.
Lift the hands off the ground away, and then slowly lower them down, making sure that the shoulder blades are facing down and the back is stretched and the arms are stretched out.
Repeat this exercise 10-10 times.

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Airplane exercise: It can be done by following the following steps:
Lie on the abdomen, open the arms on the sides with the soles of the hands facing the floor, and then swing and move them.
Stretch one arm forward and move the other back, and then take the same steps on the other arm. When stretching the arms, keep the neck stretched out, shoulders down.
Repeat this exercise 6-8 times for each arm.

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