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Get Rid of Constipation Quickly And Effectively By These Natural Ways

When it comes to the worst digestive problems, most people automatically think of the inability to keep food in the stomach. Problems with, say, evacuation. However, constipation is a serious digestive problem that affects countless people. The inability to defecate is not accompanied by unexpected, time-dependent crazy stripes to the toilet, but that does not make constipation any more fun. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of constipation. Everybody poops, and at some point in your life, you need a little help to evacuate your bowels.


The severity of constipation varies from person to person, as does the exact definition. Some people have a bowel movement like the clock every day, while others have a more irregular bathroom schedule. When you are unable to go, you may find yourself in an early stage of constipation.

Defining symptoms of constipation include:

Less than three stools in one week.
Having particularly hard or lumpy crutches that require an uncomfortable strain to continue.
The general feeling of blockage in your digestive tract
The feeling that you can’t empty your rectum

The most common cause of constipation is slowly moving stools that cannot be effectively removed from the digestive tract. This can result from a variety of problems, including blockages in the colon or rectum, problems with the muscles and nerves that surround your digestive tract, and medical conditions throughout the body with an impact on hormone levels (some of which are important in the digestive process). Many people become more susceptible to constipation with age, and different prescription medications can cause severe constipation. For others, a bad diet can be the fault.

The good news is that there are enough effective methods to deal with constipation. From prevention to constipation, you don’t have to suffer from this uncomfortable condition. If you want to learn how to get rid of constipation for good, you will find the best natural ways below. Keep reading to get rid of constipation and enjoy healthier, more regular bowel movements again.

Here’re the best natural ways you can try to cure constipation. 

Stay Active

Even though exercise may have little to no effect on the frequency of your bathroom visits, regular exercise may help relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms of constipation, although this hasn’t been conclusively proven. That being said, more exercise is almost always good for your body, especially if you have been leading a very sedentary lifestyle. The best part is that the exercise doesn’t need to be high intensity. A pleasant walk, five minutes of skipping rope, or a run around the park every day may be enough to help keep things regular.

Drink Water

Water plays an important role in keeping your digestive system moving in the right direction. If you aren’t drinking two liters of water a day, it’s certainly worth upping your intake, especially if you experience bouts of constipation. Dehydration leads to harder stools which are harder to pass, resulting in that all-too-familiar discomfort. If you’re suffering from constipation on the regular, you might also try drinking some sparkling water, as some professionals believe it may be more effective than still water in relieving the symptoms of constipation.

Eat More Fiber

The amount of fiber in your diet may hold the key to healthy and regular bowel movements. Whether you’re already suffering from constipation or just looking to make sure you never do, getting more fiber in your diet is an important first step. Generally speaking, dietary fiber falls into two categories: soluble and insoluble.

Insoluble fiber, which is found in things like bran, vegetables, and whole grains, adds bulk to stools, making them more easily passed through the digestive system. On the other hand, soluble fibers, which can be found in oat bran, barley, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils, help with water absorption and lead to softer stools with improved consistency.

For dealing with constipation, start by eating more fruits or vegetables with fiber. Dates, figs, apples, spinach, and sweet potatoes are all great options. Many professionals also recommend a non-fermentable, soluble fiber supplement. These supplements promote regularity by softening stools without uncomfortable gas production.

Coffee to Relieve Constipation

For people who don’t drink coffee and those who only drink a moderate amount, increasing coffee intake may provide relief from constipation. Coffee works to stimulate digestive system muscles, resulting in the urge to use the bathroom. The popular beverage is also known to contain small amounts of soluble fiber, which may further aid in healthy stool production. However, for any coffee addicts out there, this tip won’t help. If you’re already drinking more than one cup a day, it’s unlikely that adding more coffee is going to help.

Prune and Prune Juice for Constipation


Even if you have no idea how to get rid of constipation, you’ve probably heard that prunes can help keep you regular. If you’re after a natural and delicious way to fight constipation, look no further than nature’s natural constipation medicine — prunes. These tasty treats are full of a natural laxative, called sorbitol, along with a large amount of fiber, too. So, if you regularly suffer from constipation, it may pay to keep a pack of prunes or a bottle of prune juice on hand. However, eating prunes is not advised for sufferers of IBS as the sugars in the prunes may be more disruptive than beneficial.

Treating Constipation with Olive oil

Olive oil is commonly used because of its health benefits, which include constipation treatment. It makes the inside of the bowel smoother, enabling the stool to pass with ease. 

Yogurt for Constipation

Any person looking for natural relief from constipation should consider yogurt. However, not all types of yogurt will treat constipation; eat the one made with bacteria-friendly cultures.

Use Kefir for Constipation Replacement

Make your milk kebab at home and tackle chronic constipation. All you need are masonry pots, grains, coffee filters, organic whole milk, and elastic bands.

Beans: Remedy for an irritable bowel movement

Like prunes, beans are very rich in fiber. Not only does the fiber keep stools soft, but it also possesses nutrients that are crucial for the recovery and growth of body tissue.

Brown Rice To Get rid of Constipation

The daily dietary fiber intake for a man should be 38 grams, while an adult woman should eat 25 grams. Brown rice is a fibrous whole grain that you should try to hide.

Take magnesium-rich food

Magnesium is a soft laxative that relaxes the intestinal wall using a peristaltic effect and thus prevents constipation. Magnesium also attracts water and brings more water to the large intestine. It also absorbs water from stools when your body is dehydrated. Try these 5 magnesium-rich foods.

Warm water and baking soda

Hot water and soda mix is an effective do-it-yourself solution for various beauty and health problems, but also constipation.

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Aloe Vera for Constipation Lighting

aloe vera and weight loss

People suffering from chronic constipation should consider consuming herbs such as Aloe Vera instead of treating the signs and symptoms. You can take it as a juice or smoothie. Here is more.

Sesame seeds

Like all natural laxatives and foods, sesame seeds contain fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins that work well in case of constipation. Add the seeds to salads and cereals, sprinkle the seeds on your food, or crush them in a coffee grinder.

Blackstrap molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a concentrated by-product of sugar cane, so it is very rich in vitamins, minerals, and magnesium that help relieve constipation. Take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before going to bed regularly to cure constipation.

Mint or ginger tea

Certain ingredients such as senna and herbal cascara found in herbal teas have natural laxative properties. However, you should limit the amount of herbal tea you take and its frequency.

Lemon water; a quick and easy Constipation Remedy

Start your morning with warm lemon water. Do this a few weeks or regularly and avoid constipation.

Can raisins relieve constipation?

Raisins are natural laxatives that not only help reduce constipation problems but also maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestines. Don’t forget to take a handful every day after a meal.

Get rid of constipation naturally using castor oil

Castor oil works great in case of constipation because it is a natural laxative that increases bowel movements and makes stools run smoothly. However, castor oil should be avoided if you are taking medications such as bones, antibiotics, heart medications, and blood thinners.


Bananas and rhubarb

Health-conscious individuals prefer a natural approach to the treatment of constipation and irregular bowel problems. Both banana and rhubarb are great home remedies for constipation that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vital minerals.

Fruits such as plums, apricots, grapes, pears, apples, and figs

These fruits are popularly known as standard intestinal cleansers and effective natural constipation. Everyone, including children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should eat these fruits and get optimal benefits in stopping constipation without any side effects.

Flax seeds

Flaxseed is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, dietary fiber, iron, and calcium. Be sure to take 2 – 3 tablespoons accompanied by a balanced diet to cure constipation.

Is Apple cider vinegar the solution for constipation?

Apple cider vinegar is a natural laxative made from fermented apple juice. It has pectin, which is a water-soluble fiber that improves digestion.

Cod liver oil/fish oil

Cod liver oil is good for constipation as it acts as a lubricant laxative that prevents water reabsorption from the gastrointestinal system. It also provides Omega 3 fatty acids that are crucial for heart, joint, brain, and digestion functions.

Barley grass

Barley grass is full of fibers and prevents bloating and excessive gas. It has been used to provide numerous health benefits including constipation for years.

Fenugreek: the Digestive Aid that Fights Constipation

Use fenugreek to ease your digestion if you are constipated or having regular bowel movement problems. Fenugreek is a very safe and effective alternative to try.

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