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Funny Moments With Cats at Home Funny Moments With Cats at Home


Funny Moments With Cats at Home

This new reality that we’re facing isn’t only strange and confusing for us, but our pets as well. Our pets aren’t used to having us home all day, and whether they like this new situation or not, it’s a new reality they are facing. While our dogs probably enjoy our constant companion and attention, our cats – who usually appreciate their privacy – are having a harder time coping with this situation. If you don’t believe us – take a look at these photos people share of their cats and the funny, random things they do.

Home office

Laptop – check, desk – check, comfortable chair – check, cat – check. These are all the essentials you need for a comfortable, accommodating home office. It seems that the cat wants to help, and he has arranged a comfortable place next to his owner, so he can stay by his side all day.


Now that we’re home all day, every day, this is an opportunity for our cats to finally spend some quality time with us. We didn’t know cats required or wanted this time, but while some cats are loners, others are different, and they can be just as friendly and dependent as dogs.

Me time

Now that we’re home all the time, our pets probably expect our constant and undivided attention; what they don’t realize, however, is that some of us still have to work from home, and except for being home, nothing changes about our routine.

This cat had enough with his owner working all day and paying him no attention, and that was his way of expressing his displeasure. Cats can be very assertive if they want, and if they aren’t happy about something, they’ll make sure you know it! It might sound like we have something against cats, but it’s the other way around – we appreciate them for standing their ground.

Cat meeting

Thanks to the wonders of technology, our time in isolation becomes a lot more bearable. As hard as the current situation is, we can be thankful we live in the modern world with technology that allows us to stay connected to the people we love and even see them, almost as if nothing has changed.

It could have been a lot harder passing the time in this unprecedented, seemingly endless isolation if it wasn’t for video calls, video games, and Netflix. These cats have learned something from their humans, and they have adapted to the times as well. Now the owners have to share their laptop time with their cats.

I might be going crazy

We are all affected by this period in different ways; whether it’s our routine, our mental health, or our physical health that’s affected, these are strange, uncertain times, and we’re all in this boat together. That’s why we can’t blame this guy, who seems to be losing his cool.

The cats are not plotting anything against him, because they’re cats, but after four weeks in isolation, we start getting crazy ideas in our head. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to have three cats in the house, and although they keep him company when they gather like this, it seems they have some very important unfinished business to discuss.

She’s not the only one

After three weeks without leaving the house, we can all relate to this feeling. However, if we want to stay protected, and keep our loved ones protected, we must stay strong and stay inside. Rogue sure seems ready to go back to the office and see all her cat friends, and hopefully, it won’t be long before she does.

Rogue is tired of working from home already. she wants out.

This cat embodies what we all feel at the moment – after a month of working from home, we start experiencing something we’ve never thought we’d feel: we miss human contact and our peers at the office. We even miss public transportation. Here, we said it. Rogue feels the same, but unfortunately, it seems as is it might be a little longer until we can get out of our sweatpants. 

Where do you think you’re going?

This ginger cat looks like he’s got some very serious unresolved business with his owner. It’s almost as if he’s sitting there, at the head of the table, to make sure his owner doesn’t try to break the rules and leave his house or invite friends over. No words are needed, his judgmental look says it all.

We could all use a cat like this one, giving us judgmental looks whenever we do something wrong. It would be even better if he was there to quietly but effectively judge us when we’re skipping a workout, opening the fridge for the ninth time, or doing anything we shouldn’t do, but we’re not strong enough to avoid.

Mommy and me

This cat got used to having his mommy around, that he’s gotten too dependent on her. Whenever she leaves the room, he must join her, and he’s found the perfect way to ensure they never separate, even when she just steps off to the other room.

Getting back to normal and out of this isolation is going to be just as hard as it was going in: adjusting to life at home was hard on all of us (including our pets, probably), and after spending all this time home, readjusting to our normal lives and routine is going to be just as hard. This picture suggests it might be extra challenging for some pets, who enjoy having their owners home all day.


One of the biggest challenges of the current isolation is to stay in shape. Gyms are closed, as well as public pools, fitness classes, and any other place where we usually exercise, and jogging is no longer an option. Exercise options are significantly limited, and what’s even worse, we can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything.

This cat, however, was tired of sleeping all day, and he needed to move his body. He sets a great example and inspiration for staying in shape during these difficult times, as he’s here to show us we don’t need a gym or even any special equipment to have a successful workout – all we need is to move our bodies. It’s even more impressive when you notice the second cat, behind him, who’s lying around doing nothing.

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If it fits, I sit

This cat is looking at us as if this picture is perfectly normal, and there’s nothing unnatural about him sitting inside the breadbasket. After all, he fits perfectly in there, and so he was probably happy about finally finding a place where he’s comfortable, and he’s also the spotlight during dinner.

We all feel like we need attention these days, since being locked inside the house all day affects us in ways we don’t even realize. This cat is no different, and he wanted to be included in dinner and get the attention he deserves. This new spot is the best in the house, and it doesn’t seem like he’d be willing to give it up any time soon.

I could use a hand

Anyone who owns a cat knows how territorial they can become, and when a bee, a mosquito or a god forbid – a mouse – dares to fly into the house, the cat needs to eliminate them as if it was his life’s mission. They’d go to surprising lengths to do so, and we can only assume that’s what got this cat in this bind (or blind).

There’s a reason why they say the curiosity killed the cat, and this picture is here to prove there’s a basis behind this time-old sentence. The lengths that cats are willing to go to fulfill their curiosity can be pretty dangerous from them, and pretty amusing for us. 


After a month in isolation, we’ve seen how this new reality we’re facing is affecting different people in different ways. Some of us try to make the best out of the situation and try to stay connected to people as much as possible, while others experience regression and embrace the loneliness.

This cat, for example, seems to experience the worst kind of regression, so much so, he doesn’t want to be part of society anymore. All he wants is the comfort of his mother’s belly, something that he could never get back. At times we feel like we could sympathize with him, but mostly we’re trying to keep our head up and stay optimistic. 

Sleeping all day is exhausting

These days we find ourselves sleeping at odd hours of the day, napping in the afternoon, and getting up late in the morning because we have all this free time on our hands. Between one Netflix binge and the other, there isn’t much to do but take a nap.

This cat looks as if he’s done scrolling through his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feed, and he’s exhausted. Joking aside, spending hours in front of screens can be a lot more tiring than you might have thought, and if you feel like you’re lacking energy these days, it might be a good idea to exercise.

Hang in there

These are difficult times for all of us, but some take it harder than others. This cat looks as depressed as many of us probably feel, except unlike him, we don’t all have the privilege of sitting inside a large pan, skulking, and looking miserable. Some of us still have responsibilities to take care of, and besides, we don’t fit in pans.

This cat looks as if he’s lost his direction in life, and that’s probably understandable, given the strange, unprecedented reality we’re facing. Being isolated from society isn’t easy, but with a little hope and optimism, and of course, following the health regulations, we’ll get over this. 


Cats have a habit of leaving the house and going for walks out of nowhere, and it might take them up to a week to come back. Imagine the surprise of these people when they thought their cat went missing, only to find him emerge out of the couch one bright day.

This picture is just the pick-up we needed during this time when our mood is somewhat affected by staying home all day and losing all-purpose, and it makes us want to march to the closest animal shelter and adopt a cat.

Not the toilet paper

As every cat owner knows, cats have a very particular and peculiar obsession with toilet paper. For some reason, they enjoy playing with it and pulling on it. While in the past we had no problem with this innocent game, today toilet paper has become as precious as diamonds, and we can’t afford wasting it.

Toilet paper has become the product of the hour – for some curious reason no one can explain – and it’s no longer cute when cats play with it. On the contrary – it becomes annoying and unacceptable. However, we can’t leave them hanging (the cats, not the toilet paper) and we need to provide them with a different source of amusement to replace the good old toilet paper.

Shower time

Everyone who has ever owned a pet knows how much they resent showers. It gets even worse when it comes to cats, who, for some reason, fear water as if they were made of sugar. This explains why this cat looks very unhappy. However, we all have to make sacrifices for the people we love, and this is probably the biggest sacrifice cats have to make.

Now that we’re home all day, and some of us aren’t employed, we have all this extra time to take care of things around the house we might have neglected, including our pets. While they probably enjoy our attention most of the time, one thing they surely don’t appreciate is the grooming. 

Best friends

Cats don’t necessarily get along with babies, for obvious reasons: babies, unknowingly and completely innocently, can be rather oblivious to cats’ needs and feelings, and treat them as if they were their toys. However, something miraculous happened during this time: this long period of self-isolation allowed this baby and cat to become close friends.

Okay, so the cat might not seem as happy and enthusiastic as the baby, but he doesn’t seem too miserable either (for a cat). Besides, if they weren’t on good terms, he wouldn’t have stayed there long enough to even take this picture, so that says everything.

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