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Foods That Cause Kidney Stones Foods That Cause Kidney Stones


Foods That Cause Kidney Stones

Foods that cause kidney stones. Kidney stones are deposits that accumulate inside the kidneys and are solid and consist of minerals and salts. If moving the stones inside the kidney, a person feels severe pain in the abdomen.

Kidney stones are a common disease among people, the pain associated with them is not likely, as many forget to drink fluids, causing stones in the kidneys, and multiple places.

What are the symptoms of kidney stones?

The stones may move in the kidneys, causing these symptoms to occur, and they include severe abdominal cavities extending to the side of the back.

It may cause a change in the urine, and the appearance of spots of blood in the urine that cause vomiting, chills, and nausea. The person also has a high temperature in addition to severe pain with urination.

A healthy diet helps prevent kidney stones from forming, some foods must be maintained, and other foods that should be kept away from them as they help in the formation of kidney stones.

What foods cause kidney stones?

Many foods that cause kidney stones, which contain chemicals that increase the possibility of kidney stones, including salt, which causes high levels of sodium in the body, which causes calcium to accumulate in the urine and kidney stones.
The percentage of salt in the food should be reduced, taking into consideration the reading of the labels on the packaged foods to know the amount of sodium present and avoid foods with high levels of sodium.
You should reduce the consumption of animal protein, such as red meat and other pork, as animal protein reduces the ability of urine to prevent the formation of stones and may also cause an increase in calcium oxalate and uric acid, which causes the formation of stones inside the kidney.

Foods rich in oxalates should be prevented as they increase the incidence of infection. If you want to eat foods that contain a high percentage of oxalates, you should consider eating foods that contain calcium with high levels, which helps in facilitating digestion.

Among the foods and drinks that include large proportions of oxalates are tea, beets, chocolate, and other spinach, in addition to eating sweet potatoes and excessive consumption of cola.
Excessive intake of foods with high levels of sugars and other fructose increases the risk of kidney stones.
You should be moderate in eating foods with large amounts of sugar, cake, fruits, and other cane, honey, and soft drinks.
Excessive caffeine intake, such as coffee, causes an increase in the amount of calcium in the urine, so moderate caffeine intake should be moderate.

What foods prevent kidney stones?

Many foods prevent kidney stones. They include fruits and vegetables, as they are one of the most important necessary diets, and they must be eaten daily, taking into account fresh eating.

The fruits rich in citric acid have a great effect in preventing kidney stones in addition to its contribution to preventing the multiplication of numbers in infected persons.
Drink large quantities of water, as liquids help reduce the substances that make up these stones. You should drink more than 8 cups a day.
Dependence on the sources of plant proteins such as beans, lentils, and peas, and avoiding consuming animal protein or reducing its consumption as much as possible.

Dependence on eating acidic fruit or its juice as it helps reduce kidney stones, and helps in the final disposal of it for infected people, as it contains potassium and citric acid, they are among the most important elements that prevent the formation of calcium crystals and turn them into stones in the urine, and a good source of citrus orange Grapefruit and other good sources.
You must eat foods rich in calcium, as it helps reduce the formation of stones in the kidneys, dairy products, and other legumes and vegetables in addition to eating nuts and black honey.
Binding of foods rich in oxalate, such as spinach, must be made with foods rich in calcium.

Calcium and oxalate are bound together inside the intestine and have a major effect in avoiding the formation of stones.
Eat foods rich in vitamin D daily as it increases the ability to absorb calcium.

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