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Family Dog Finds A Kitten And Decides To Take Care Of Her As Her Own


A family dog took a small kitten under her care and decided to take care of her as her dog.

Emma from Yorkshire, United Kingdom, started looking for a new pet for her family a few months ago. Her 13-year-old dog Maggie longed for a friend.
“I had another dog, but unfortunately, she died 18 months ago. It was very difficult for me and Maggie to mourn her,” Emma said. “I recently decided, after really dreaming, that a friendly cat would be a great addition to our family.”

She later met a little calico named Minnie and fell head over heels for the kitten. The little one had the same colors and markings as Maggie the family dog.

Minnie the kitten came home two months ago with Emma. She was introduced to her new dog friend, who was beaten with her immediately. Maggie went straight to the little novice and was eager to take care of her.
The calico, on the other hand, was a bit shy and insecure because she had never met a dog before, but Maggie’s sweet temperament quickly calmed her down. Before they knew it, the little feline was working his way into Maggie’s coat, as if they had always been friends.

Since the arrival of the kitten, Maggie is livelier and more maternal. She floats all over the kitten and doesn’t let her out of her sight.

“I think Maggie is almost thinking she’s Minnie’s mother, and they’re so much alike with their colors and markings.,” Emma said.

Minnie is a little troublemaker. She likes to play with Maggie’s tail, jump on her when she’s not looking, or sneak up on her from behind. Dear Maggie doesn’t mind all her antics and is always there when the kitten needs a hug.
Now that they have spent weeks together, Minnie has started to pick up some dog skills from her most trusted mentor, Maggie.

“Minnie stares up at Maggie and starts copying her. Maybe she thinks she’s a puppy,” Emma said.
When the smart little calico found out that Maggie is allowed to take a walk outside every day, she insisted on coming along.

They go out together and Maggie always keeps an eye on the kitten so she’s safe and won’t get into trouble. When the little feline crook asks for attention, Maggie comes to check up on her.
“Maggie is super protecting for Minnie and Minnie feels comfortable and safe with Maggie, especially when walking,” Emma said.

Maggie has taught her little protege that when a bath is in order, supervision is needed to maintain their human safety.

Now they both come into the bathroom to show their concerns every time Emma takes a bath.

Minnie loves her canine buddy and follows her like a shadow. She feels loved in Maggie’s presence and makes sure her friend is always around.

Maggie and Minnie have either become or die each other’s ride. The dear senior has found her spark and feels like a puppy with Minnie again.
“I think Minnie is bringing up a younger side in Maggie,” Emma said.

This perfect duo continues to fill their homes with endless cuteness. They’re so happy to have a friend.

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