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Do-it-yourself facial skin care Cleanse, and Massage Do-it-yourself facial skin care Cleanse, and Massage


Do-it-yourself facial skin care: Cleanse, and Massage

In a world of tight schedules, harmful pollution, high anxiety, and increasing tension, your skin takes it heavily, and it shows! Yet not everything is lost. With a little dedication to smooth, clear, and attractive skin, you can preserve the natural beauty of your skin at home! massage, cream… Keep reading for tips and simple home remedies to maintain youthful skin and combat the signs of aging.

Certainly, beautiful skin cannot exist without proper care. The adverse effects of the world we live in have the potential to make skin look old and tired, even during the prime of youth. That’s why it’s essential to clean your skin regularly and thoroughly to keep it vital. In addition to cleansing and facial treatments, massaging the skin regularly and well will significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten your skin.

Cleanse your skin

The first step in taking care of your skin externally is to clean it properly. Perspiration, grease, dust, musty makeup, dirt, and bacteria all collect on your skin and need to be completely removed. Use cleansing cream, milk or lotion or just cold cream to clean your skin. Apply the cream to your face and neck and massage in gently. Rub the cream on your face and neck in a circular and upward motion for a minimum of five minutes (duration also depends on the instructions accompanying the cream you are using). Remove excess cream with tissue, damp cotton wool, or a small damp towel.

Then color your skin with skin freshener (mild), skin tonic (medium strength), or an astringent lotion (strong). Firming is important because it removes any remaining greasiness on your skin after the cleansing process is complete. It closes the pores, refines the skin, and if you intend to use makeup, it leaves a smooth, clean texture that retains the foundation and powder much longer.

Nourishing your skin is an essential part of any beauty routine. Dirt, dust, hot and cold weather, cosmetics, and even sunlight all tend to dry out the skin, depriving it of moisture and oil. Skin nutrition tries to supplement nutrition to give the skin its natural health. It is not necessary to use a thick, heavy skin cream every evening. If you don’t like a greasy face when you go to bed, just choose a light, easily absorbed moisturizer that will disappear within minutes. Many of the newer liquid moisturizers fall into this category.

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Facial skincare

A facial treatment is the quickest way to cleanse, revitalize, and refine faded skin, leaving the skin light, soft, and shiny. A facial also does a thorough job of relaxing the tormented nerves so that you not only look younger but also feel fresher and more relaxed.

A facial treatment every fortnight leaves your skin youthful and fresh.

The most luxurious way to get a facial is to go to a beauty salon and sit back while experts do their work. If you don’t have the time or can’t afford the luxury of regular salon treatments, you can give yourself a facial at home. Choose a moment when you can be undisturbed and quiet. Get everything ready before you start, so you can relax and enjoy it. Follow the routine below for a quick facial at home:

– Tie your hair away from the face and neck and use a headband to pull the hair away, your forehead.

– Clean your face and neck with cleansing milk and wipe first with a tissue and then with a wet towel.

– Apply cream all over the face and mix thoroughly – then massage your face and neck in an upward direction.

– Prepare a face mask suitable for your skin type and apply a fairly thick layer on a thoroughly clean face, avoiding the area around the mouth and a large circle around the eyes. Then lie on your back and hold the mask for 15 to 20 minutes or until dry. Do not talk while the mask is on your face.

– When dry, wash your face and neck with cold water and keep your eyes closed. Dry your skin and apply skin tonic.

– If you have an important date, use skin tonic after the facial, apply a moisturizer and makeup.

Massage your skin

Massage your skin

Massage your face is essential for youthful-looking skin, especially for those in their 40s and over. An effective way to combat wrinkles, massaging is a slow process and the results are only clear if it is continued for a certain amount of time. It is not a magic potion that can change from one day to the next, and one has to be patient.
However, there is no doubt that massage reduces unattractive fleshiness, tightens facial tissues and muscles, and improves blood circulation.

Once you have lines and wrinkles, you can only remove them by plastic surgery. Massage and facial exercises can help prevent new lines from forming, but cannot remove the old lines already on the face. By strengthening and nourishing the muscles, you can prevent new lines and wrinkles.

Remember, whether you have lumpy, sagging, withered, or dull skin, your face can regain its youthful radiance under the influence of your fingers. Lines and wrinkles usually appear on the forehead, temples, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin, and mouth.

Massage is only effective if the skin is clear. Do not forget to remove all traces of make-up, otherwise, the skin pores will be blocked by dirt particles. All blackheads must be removed. If the skin is greasy, remove greasiness by applying cleansing milk. Fresh lemon juice is also very effective in removing excess oil. If the skin is dry, use a good moisturizer before massaging. If the skin is greasy, it is advisable to use some astringent lotion. Apply vitamin E cream before a massage, but the amount of this cream should only be sufficient to make the skin sufficiently oily so that the hands and fingers move smoothly over the face.

After cleansing the skin with light but firm fingers, apply a little pressure while applying a good cream. Trained fingers can hold the skin firmly and apply even pressure. Over time, visible flaws such as wrinkles, flaccidity, and dead cells are greatly reduced and a fresh and youthful appearance is restored. Massage should start from the neck upwards and end at the forehead or temples, as this process increases the blood supply to all veins and tissues.

The skin around the eyes is delicate. It is therefore advisable to apply the cream to this area without pressing. The cream takes 15 to 20 minutes to be absorbed by the skin, so the massage should continue for that long. Wipe extra cream with a cotton swab soaked in water (preferably rose water). The best time to massage the face is before going to bed.

Art of massaging

– Slow massage – This is the most common massage method. The secret is to massage slowly and stroke / vibrate the skin. Using the fleshy part of your fingertips, press lightly but firmly on the skin. The process begins at a low speed at the base of the neck. The speed increases as the fingers move upwards. Petting gives peace to the nerves and the vibration is useful in suppressing pain that can be caused by massaging.

– Quick massage – The front half of both palms are used to massage at high speed, making sure you make a circular upward movement.

– Pressure massage – This is a method of applying pressure with fingertips. It is effective for removing pouches under the eyes.

– Caressing massage – Chubby cheeks are caressed with fingertips. If the nose is wide, blows are applied to the temples on both sides of the nose.

– Squeeze massage – the skin is held between thumb and fingers, as with pliers. Such a massage is effective for a double chin and wrinkles on the jaw.

– Friction massage – the movement requires pressure on the skin as it moves over the underlying structures. Fingers or palms are used for this movement. Hard movements are usually used on the scalp, while light movements are used on the face, especially in the neck.

– Movements of piano playing – This exercise develops facial muscles and makes them firm. It should be done with your fingers all over the face, especially on the cheek area. The movements should be supple yet lively.

Making your skin products

Homemade massage cream

Heat 4 tablespoons sunflower (or safflower oil) mixed with 4 tablespoons lanolin. Then slowly add heated rose water. Now add a tablespoon of camphor oil to make a truly invigorating massage cream. To lighten this cream, mix two tablespoons of vaseline.

Homemade massage oil

Mix half a cup of almond oil and castor oil. Add a teaspoon of camphor oil. Shake well and use it.

Anti-wrinkle cream

Mix 2 tablespoons lanolin, 2 tablespoons almond oil, and 1 tablespoon apricot oil. Then add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Apricots are very rich in vitamin A.

Anti-wrinkle lotion

Mix the following ingredients and use as an anti-wrinkle lotion:
2 tablespoons cucumber/mint mixture
4 drops of peppermint extract
1 pinch of alum powder

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