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Coronavirus Vicenza In Italy : New Live Updates

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US military in Italy extends coronavirus safety measures, including closures of Vicenza schools and child care centers
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US military in Italy extends coronavirus safety measures, including closures of Vicenza schools and child care centers

VICENZA, Italy — The military has moved to undertake to stop the coronavirus spreading to U.S. bases in Italy, whilst Italian officials struggle to contain the most important outbreak of the respiratory disease in Europe.

In Vicenza, U.S. Army Garrison Italy shuttered on-base schools, child care centers, gyms, and churches. Initially, they said they might remain closed through Wednesday, on the other hand, they followed the city’s lead and extended the closures until March 1.

While there have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus within the city Monday, 200 people are diagnosed with the illness throughout Italy, including a cluster of a minimum of 22 cases in Vo’ Euganeo, just 30 miles faraway from Vicenza.

coronavirus vicenza

The other confirmed cases were within the Lombardy region, where Italian officials have locked down quite 50,000 people during a dozen towns.

At least six people have died in Italy and 26 people are in medical care, officials said.

Vicenza military personnel were ordered to avoid nonessential visit Lombardy and Vo’ Euganeo.

At Aviano air station, located during a different province than the military garrison, base schools remained open but officials have banned service members and their families from traveling to Lombardy and Veneto.

The 31st Fighter Wing’s health clinic at Aviano has found out a hotline, which anyone who recently visited either area can call to rearrange a screening for the virus. Some people that traveled to Venice’s Carnevale, which was curtailed Sunday amid coronavirus fears, were told to remain home.

Americans in Vicenza who got to be tested for the virus are going to be directed to San Bortolo hospital and not the bottom clinic, which doesn’t yet have access to the diagnostic assay for the virus.

So far, the virus response hasn’t affected operations, garrison officials said. But it might if Italians lock down one among the towns where many Americans live, like Torri di Quartesolo, they said.

On Sunday evening in Vicenza, the commissary was so packed that no shopping carts were available and customers waited in lines for an hour to see out. Officials said that the shop had done double its usual Sunday business and stocks of the many items were exhausted.
But if all expected deliveries arrived on Monday, there would be no shortages, they said.

Coronavirus in Vicenza, Rucco on Government and Region management: “I didn’t understand how the crisis has evolved, to seek out a standard line”

coronavirus vicenza

The (drastic) measures adopted within the city of Vicenza to affect the Coronavirus emergency aren’t decisions of the primary citizen, despite the very fact that by law they’re granted special powers to guard the health of citizens, but taken by the national government and therefore the Veneto region.

A meeting with the Presidents of the Regions was held at the Civil Protection headquarters in Rome on Tuesday morning: “We combine efforts and work together as a team to guard the health of our citizens,” said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Almost at an equivalent time, things happened in Vicenza at Palazzo Trissino, during which we asked the mayor and president of the Province Francesco Rucco (in top video pill) about the management of the govt and therefore the region on what’s taking over the contours of generalized panic.

“It was all in no time – Rucco begins – this emergency suddenly broke out, but I didn’t understand how it’s evolved in these few days: the health facilities, however, are responding well and are becoming organized. If more stringent measures are to be taken, we’ll do them, on the idea of what is going to be communicated to us by the competent bodies “.

“The goal is to seek out a standard line – concludes Rucco – but the specificities of the territory aren’t an equivalent from Bassano to Albettone which is on the brink of the outbreak of the Municipality of Vò”.

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