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Coronavirus new symptoms Coronavirus new symptoms


Coronavirus new symptoms – This time in the feet

New symptoms of coronavirus ,symptoms This time in the feet.that new signs may appear on the human body and confirm the positive status of the virus.

Coronavirus new symptoms

Doctors and researchers are still trying to get to know more about the emerging coronavirus that is terrorizing the world, and are exploring its new properties and symptoms that may appear in some patients for the first time.

Doctors in Italy and Spain, the two largest epidemics in Europe, have made clear that new signs may appear on the human body and confirm the positive status of the virus.
The doctors pointed to the appearance of bruises on the feet in some patients, considering this as a “positive sign of infection”, and talked about purple spots similar to the signs of the disease of smallpox.

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Among the cases reported early, the case of a 13-year-old boy in Italy on March 8, at which time doctors thought he had been bitten by an insect.

Because of the poor conditions in Italy, the boy’s coronavirus was not tested until she began showing symptoms of the usual illness, such as fever, muscle pain, headache, and severe itching.
On March 29, that is, weeks after the confirmed injury record was started in coronavirus, the first official report of “bruises and spots” appeared in children with “COVID 19”.

Currently, one in every 5 patients in Italian hospitals suffers from a strange skin condition on the feet.

Covid 19 usually affects the respiratory system, causing coughs, breathing problems, severe fever, and sometimes pneumonia, before atypical symptoms such as diarrhea, testicle pain, loss of taste and smell, in addition to what has been recently revealed by the appearance of skin signs On the feet.

The Spanish General Council of Podiatry raised the matter, creating a database of cases of people with potential “Covid 19” and those who had cuts and bruises on their feet.

The council, which includes 7500 doctors, that there are many cases of foot injuries observed among patients in different countries such as Italy, France, and Spain.

He pointed out that those with coronavirus show sores and bruises on their feet, especially children and adolescents.

The Council called on parents to isolate their children in the event of such signs appearing on their feet until it is confirmed that they are normal symptoms and have nothing to do with “Covid 19”.

The council advised against taking children to the hospital until other symptoms such as fever and shortness of breath appeared.

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