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Corona Covid 19 virus effects on the body Corona Covid 19 virus effects on the body

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Corona Covid 19 virus effects on the body

Corona effects on the body virus on the body vary according to many factors and we will learn about the effect of the Coronavirus in this article.

Corona effects on the body

Covid virus causes 19 new corona disease, which has spread in more than 116 countries starting from China to America, Italy, and Saudi Arabia, as it is an infectious disease that is transmitted through direct mixing with infected and touching surfaces contaminated with viruses, and lives in cold temperatures up to -60 degrees Celsius. The effect of the Corona Covid 19 virus on the body varies according to many factors such as the pathogen, age, and gender, and we will learn about the effect of the Corona Covid 19 virus in this article.

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Corona Covid 19 virus effects on the body during the incubation period:

Covid 19 is one of the coronaviruses that cause respiratory diseases in humans, ranging from colds to pneumonia. The incubation period varies between coronaviruses, for example, the virus that causes SARS requires 11 days while the incubation period for Covid 19 is between two to 14 days after exposure to the virus to begin infecting the cells lining the throat and lungs to store and proliferate Covid 19 viruses, according to USA Today. The body contains Covid 19 viruses inside its cells without showing symptoms of the disease or any apparent effects, and the person may transmit the Covid 19 virus to others during the incubation period. It is advised to follow the health measures to prevent direct contact with the injured or suspected cases, and the need to wash hands and sterilize them for 20 seconds, drink warm fluids, clean the house and sterilize it continuously within two weeks to prevent infection and its widespread in societies.

Corona’s effects on body Symptoms:

Corona’s effects appear on the body if a person is diagnosed with the disease after the 14-day incubation period, such as fever, mild cough, feeling tired, short of breath, nasal congestion, sore throat, and runny nose, and the severity of symptoms worsen overtime on infection with the virus, according to the Health Line.

Corona effects on the body disease period:

The severity of symptoms increases after a person becomes ill according to the strength of the body’s immunity, such as a rise in temperature or a decrease in it very clearly, and a feeling of fainting and shortness of breath, and the severity of the disease can increase to pneumonia resulting in shortness of breath as it prevents oxygen from reaching the parts of the body so it prevents The kidneys do their work and the chance of developing bowel lining increases. Corona Covid 19 virus causes other health problems such as severe hypotension, 4.7% of vital organs, diarrhea and indigestion. Dr. George Diaz told Independent newspaper, head of the infectious disease department at the Providence Medical Center in Washington, that the bone marrow and organs such as the liver can become infected due to the spread of coronavirus Covid 19 viruses into the bloodstream inside the human body.

When does the patient need a ventilator?

Severe corona disease causes pneumonia, as the vesicles begin to fill with water, causing shortness of breath and difficulty, so patients need 14%, in this case, to have a ventilator so they can breathe, and it is worth noting if the patient does not receive enough oxygen that can cause severe symptoms Pneumonia leads to failure of vital organs after that death.

Corona effects if not treated:

Some complications can occur if corona treatment is not received, such as pneumonia due to coronavirus, acute respiratory distress syndrome, cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, muscle pain, liver, and kidney failure and can lead to death.

Corona effects on the body after recovery:

Corona disease can be cured in one to two weeks if the symptoms of the disease are mild, but in severe cases, treatment can take more than 6 weeks, and there is a possibility of continuing to transmit the infection to others for weeks after recovery, according to the Harvard Medical School and also causes the Coronavirus. Covid 19 has severe effects on the human body, even for those recovering from it, such as poor lung function, difficulty breathing during exercise and damage to the internal organs.

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There are still a lot of unknowns about the effects of the Coronavirus on the body due to the novelty of this disease on the world, and he has not yet discovered a cure for it. The crisis and preventing the exacerbation of symptoms of Corona Covid 19 virus, the World Health Organization has declared that the Covid 19 virus is an enemy of mankind for its rapid spread, and health authorities find it difficult to detect early cases, and all countries have announced emergency plans to deal with Corona Covid 19, including imposing quarantine and closing schools, universities, and bitter CZ business.

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