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Cold dessert recipes – Easy recipes

Find out more about Cold dessert recipes, best homemade Cold dessert.There are several ways to prepare a dessert, an easy and delicious recipes

In this post, we introduce you to cold dessert recipes. and easy cold dessert recipes


Tiramisu, The preparation time of this cold dessert is 30 minutes, in addition to the cooling time.

Nutritional information

Calories 853 calories
Carbohydrates 44 g
Fat 73 g
Saturated fat 42 g
Sugars 35 g
Protein 5 g
Salts 0.25 g


568 grams of double cream.
250 grams of mascarpone cheese.
5 tablespoons of custard sugar.
75 milliliters of grape juice.
300 milliliters of strong coffee – made with 2 tablespoons of coffee granules and 300 milliliters of boiling water -.
175 grams of sponge biscuit fingers.
25 grams of dark chocolate bars.
Two teaspoons of cocoa powder.

How to prepare

Mix: the cream, mascarpone, grape juice, and sugar in a large bowl, well until the ingredients are homogeneous and have a thick creamy texture.
Place the brewed coffee in a deep dish and dip it in several pieces of biscuit fingers, stirring for several seconds until it is completely soaked, then place a layer of biscuit dipped in the bottom of the serving dish.
Spread half the cream on top of the biscuit pieces, then sprinkle most of the chocolate with the coarse grater.
Reorder the layers as before and make the last layer a cream.
Cover the dish and keep it in the refrigerator for several hours or an entire night – dessert can be kept in the refrigerator for two days.
Sprinkle cocoa powder on top and sprinkle the rest of the chocolate when applying.

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Chocolate Tart

Preparation time is 25 minutes

Nutritional information

Fat 36 g
Saturated fat 22 g
Carbohydrates 39 g
Sugars 27 g
Fiber 2 g
Protein 4 g
Salts 0.43 g


200 grams of butter biscuit.
100 grams of butter.
A tablespoon of golden diameter or honey.
100 grams of dark chocolate.
100 grams of milk chocolate.
A teaspoon of vanilla extract.
1 tablespoon of powdered sugar, and an extra amount to sprinkle on top.
200 milliliters of whipping cream.
Three tablespoons of fresh cream for garnish.
200 grams of raspberry for garnish.

How to prepare

Break the biscuit by placing it in a big, strong plastic bag and beating it with the dough broth. Melt the butter with the syrup or honey in the microwave, then add it to the crumbled biscuit and stir.
Place a layer of biscuit and butter on the bottom of a rectangular tray measuring 12 x 36 cm, or a round tray of 23 x 25 cm and press it, then allow it to cool.
Chop the chocolate, put it in a large bowl, and melt it in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, stirring it in the middle of the time.
Add vanilla extract and powdered sugar to melted chocolate.
Whisk the whipping cream until it is rigid and gently add it to the chocolate mixture, then pour it over the biscuit layer with the surface flat and leave it in the fridge to cool for two to two days.
Remove the tart from the tray before serving and place it in a serving dish – it can be easier to take it out when you let it first come to room temperature for half an hour – then decorate it with fresh cream and berries and sprinkle it with powdered sugar.

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