China announces receipt of the corona vaccine

China announces receipt of the corona vaccine

corona vaccine

After careful and diligent follow-up by the Chinese health and preventive organizations, senior Chinese sources confirmed that China has reached the vaccine in tackling the Corona epidemic.

and therefore the Committee for Disease Control and Prevention in charge of fighting the Corona Virus in Zhejiang Province, China, held a press conference in which the Deputy Director of the Public Health Directorate announced In the province, it was reported that an anti-retroviral vaccine was reached, as it confirmed that the vaccine was produced and tested, and that it has successfully passed large stages, and that the vaccine is now in the final stages of animal trials before it is soon used in humans. It also confirmed that the spread of the virus is under control, and the level of spread in the province and the majority of Chinese provinces, except Hubei (Wuhan), has decreased to the fourth level.

Commenting on the news, Wael Khalil Yassin, head of the Middle East Center for Studies and Development specializing in Chinese affairs, affirmed that China, from the first day on announcing and spreading the virus, monitored all its capabilities and capabilities to combat the virus, and considered this a war waged by the entire Chinese nation in defense of the safety of its people and the peoples of the whole world. Billions of dollars to that, in addition to bearing hundreds of billions of dollars in economic losses.

Yassin stressed that China is determined to win this war, and today, on the thirtieth day of the declaration of a state of emergency, it announces that it has reached the anti-virus vaccine in a scientific miracle since such action requires months and possibly years to reach it.
And about the spread of the virus in the Middle East region, Yassin said we have been following this since the virus started, if it revealed nine cases in the United Arab Emirates and one case in Egypt until yesterday, all of which have links to the city of Wuhan, where the disease has spread strongly and all cases are under control and I came to the Middle East before China declared complete closure and emergency.

As for now, after receiving information about the spread of the virus in the Iranian city of Qom, I think that things may get out of control in the Middle East region, as the city of Qom is one of the most important holy places for the generous Shiite community. Perhaps the virus will spread quickly due to the density of visitors and I think that All countries in the Middle East, especially Iran, to take the necessary measures quickly by following the quarantine policy on any cases that might be exposed to the virus, and to work quickly to set up emergency committees to deal with the problem and benefit from China’s experiences in dealing with the issue.
And Yassin concluded, we hope that things are taken seriously and that the risks are taken with a national responsibility of everyone in the countries of the Middle East, and we hope that God will protect everyone and keep the virus away from all the people of the world.

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