Cellulite removal in a week-How to get rid of cellulite quickly?

Cellulite removal in a week

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These are the changes that appear on a woman’s skin upon reaching puberty, which are fat cells that precipitate just beneath the skin layer, causing sunken scars, skin folds or wrinkles that are very similar to the outer orange peel, and abound in specific areas of the body such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs.

Causes of cellulite infection

Genetic factors that have the greatest effect on cellulite infection.
Nutrition: There are some types of foods that help to cause this problem in women, such as excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and not drinking enough water.
Hormones: If the percentage of hormones in the body exceeds their normal level, especially the estrogen hormone.
Excessive tight and uncomfortable clothing.
Take a pill.

Ways to get rid of cellulite in a week

There are ways to remove cellulite in a week, as follows:


It works as an excellent scrub for the skin, as it removes dead cells from the skin as it promotes the metabolism of fats inside the body. The recipe can be prepared by mixing half a cup of coffee powder with three tablespoons of brown sugar and moving the ingredients well, and then add three tablespoons Of coconut oil after heating it a little, and mix all the ingredients until a paste is formed, then distributed to the affected places in the body with gentle massaging in circular motions for five minutes, then washed off with warm water, and the recipe can be repeated three times per week.

Coconut Oil

By heating an appropriate amount of coconut oil, then gently massaging the affected areas with cellulite and without excess pressure on them, then leaving the oil on the body until it is completely absorbed by the skin. To be disposed of.

Juniper oil

Juniper oil works to remove toxins from the skin and reduce water and fluid retention from the body, and the recipe can be prepared by mixing fifteen drops of juniper oil with half a cup of olive oil, then massaging the cellulite areas for a quarter of an hour, and the recipe is repeated daily and with persistence, it will improve The appearance of the skin and cellulite is eliminated from the skin. Massage sessions stimulate blood circulation in the body, thereby relaxing the muscles of the entire body, so daily massage sessions can be performed and can even be repeated in the morning and evening for better results, and some essential oils can be used to massage the body with them.

Cellulite removal in a week

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