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obesity in women 2020 obesity in women 2020

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Causes of obesity in women

The most common causes of obesity in women in 2020 are obesity is a large and abnormal accumulation of the percentage of body fat, and an increase in excess weight by 30% of body weight is considered obese and it has many factors that cause many chronic diseases, such as heart disease, pressure, diabetes, and others, the obesity problem is one of the most common problems Medicinal prevalence in the world, which requires a little long treatment or a special diet to maintain the right weight, many women suffer from obesity, which greatly affects her normal life and her beauty and skin and makes it unacceptable to the people around her, making her do it Aim For the main causes of obesity in women, to learn how to eliminate obesity in the fastest and best and install the weight without going to surgery for the stomach to stay at the right weight, you must first identify the most common causes of obesity in women and identify them now.

Causes of obesity in women


Depression is considered one of the reasons for the prevalence of obesity, especially in women, where weight gain may be a sign and evidence of the presence of depression, or there may be other symptoms such as fluctuations in appetite, difficulties in concentration, a feeling of remorse and guilt, or passing in a state of despair and thinking Suicide, where depression is alleviated by regular exercises, or medications if necessary

Pressure nervous

Severe and chronic stress has to do with weight gain and abdominal fat, as the body secretes cortisol significantly when exposed to pressure and stress until it prepares to respond; either confrontation or withdrawal, as this hormone controls the conservation and storage of fat in the body, so it is advised that people who are exposed to a large amount From stress, stress, meditation, and a deep breath, to counteract the effects of the hormone cortisol.


Food and nutrition are the causes of weight gain or loss because people become obese when the body stores a lot of calories, and although the body needs calories to perform various activities and actions, if the calories the body gets more than it consumes, it will be obese and vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are an important source of calorie gain.


The process of metabolism begins to slow with age, which leads to weight gain in elderly women, as daily intensity exercises can help, and strength training more than once during the week increases the speed of the metabolism, and build muscle that does not contain fat And burn a lot of calories.


One of the natural things that happen to women during pregnancy is the increase in weight, but some women may have difficulty losing this weight after the birth process, which contributes to obesity in many women.

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