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Your car insurance company for extra money?


Most people, once they have a car insurance company, simply have their current policy renewed and extended without looking to see if they can get a better deal somewhere else. If that describes you, you might want to explore your options if you knew how and painless it is. This article shows how simple the process is.

Shopping for a new car insurance

The easiest and fastest and, as a result, the most painless way to buy car insurance is by going on the internet. Many companies can give you quotes 24/7 on their websites. You can also get contact details of a particular car insurance company on their site and call them. When you are considering changing your business, the first thing you need to do is to get quotes at different rates of corporations.

You want to be very honest about all your information so that you can get accurate quotes. Either way, the company will learn about accidents, claims, or traffic fines, so don’t try to hide anything. If you receive quotes for comparison rates, make sure you compare the coverage you have with your current car insurance company with what is available from a new company so you can make a meaningful comparison.


How to change

As soon as you have found a new car insurance company and bought your new policy, you must cancel your old policy.
If you do not cancel your old policy, the old car insurance company may assume that you want to continue your insurance with them.
They would expect premiums from you.
If they did not receive those premiums, they would eventually cancel your policy because of unpaid premiums and report your lack of cover to your state motor insurance department. This could affect your creditworthiness and your ability to get new motor insurance.

Canceling your old policy is easy.

Usually, all you have to do is inform your old car insurance company in writing and tell them when you want to cancel the policy.
They will then send you a form to sign and return, which will cancel your policy.

One thing to note

Do not cancel your policy with your old car insurance until the insurance has been taken out with the new insurer. In this way, you avoid a possible coverage period. Nowadays, however, there is little chance of this happening. Most states require all drivers to have a minimum amount on board
insurance and your old car insurance company will probably require you to show proof of insurance before they cancel an active policy.


When you switch is very important

The best time to switch to new car insurance is when the current policy expires. When you receive your policy renewal notice from your current car insurance company, this is the best time to switch.
This is usually about one month before the current policy expires. It is during this period that you can change insurer without incurring any costs or penalties.

Because it is so close to the end of the contract period, you would also try to find out how much-unused premium you owe from your old car insurance company. You also avoid arguing with your insurance agent about exactly when to cancel and how much the car insurance is owed to you.

But yes, you can cancel outside the 30 days if, taking into account the compensation or penalty you may have to pay, you notice that you are still getting significant savings. So while it is best to change within that 30 day extension period, you can cancel at any time.

Are you ready?
That will be all. Just think of all the extra money that could come your way if you follow these simple guidelines.


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