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Britain is preparing to close schools and put 20,000 soldiers on alert after high deaths from the virus

Britain decided on Wednesday to close schools in the coming days, and put 20,000 soldiers on standby as part of efforts to curb the spread of the Coruna virus, while the number of deaths in the UK exceeded 100.

Britain is preparing to close the doors of its schools, it announced on Wednesday. 20,000 soldiers have also been placed on alert as part of efforts to stem the spread of the Coruna virus. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the armed forces were “ready to protect Britain”. Britain has counted 104 deaths since the virus spread, and the country has officially registered 2,626 infections.

Cancellation of year-end exams

Several European countries closed schools several days ago, but the British government has expressed hesitation about sending ten million British students to their homes, considering that the effectiveness of this measure is insufficient compared to the disruption that will leave it.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Education Minister Gavin Williamson announced that the schools will be closed “on Friday afternoon and will remain closed until further notice.” He said, “The goal is to slow the spread of the virus,” stressing that “this is the time to do so.”

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Children of workers in key sectors, including health sector employees, the police and couriers, and children with special needs will be excluded. The end-of-year exams will be canceled.

Without even waiting for the London decision, the governments of Wales and Scotland announced since Wednesday afternoon that schools would be closed Friday.

“I cannot promise that it will reopen its doors before the summer,” said Scottish Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon.
On the other hand, the British Ministry of Defense announced that it had put 20 thousand soldiers in a state of readiness to assist the public sector agencies within the framework of “the support force in the face of Coved”. 150 of them will be specifically trained to transport oxygen devices to the health sector.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the armed forces were “ready to protect Britain”. On Wednesday, Britain counted 104 deaths since the virus spread.

2,626 injuries were officially recorded, but the UK public health sector does not conduct examinations for all patients and focuses only on more serious cases despite WHO recommendations that stipulate the need for examinations.

Speculation in London

Faced with these criticisms, the government announced that it would conduct 25,000 additional examinations in hospitals in the next four weeks. Speculation revolves around London’s situation in particular and whether it will be subject to more stringent measures as it records the largest number of cases.

“London may see more stringent measures than have been announced so far,” the Prime Minister of Scotland said in Edinburgh earlier.

“We live in a country of freedoms, we don’t tend to impose these kinds of restrictions, but we don’t rule anything out,” Johnson said in response to press information about the possible tightening of closures in London.

So far, the government has asked the population to avoid unnecessary transfers or mixing, which has slowed economic activity.

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On Thursday, the government will adopt a draft law that gives it emergency powers to deal with the spread of the virus, including closing facilities and banning public gatherings.

The text will be presented Thursday to the House of Commons, and after its adoption, the police will have the power to arrest or isolate people in order to protect public health.

Under the text, retired health personnel or social workers can be called in as reinforcements, while volunteers to treat patients will benefit from guarantees that allow them to “suspend” their primary job for a maximum period of four weeks.

He asked deputies to stay away from Johnson’s weekly accountability session in Parliament, amid warnings that Westminster may be a particularly vulnerable area of infection. About 25 deputies are believed to have put themselves in a self-quarantine quarantine. On the other hand, the government promised on Tuesday to support the economy “at any cost,” in the face of the repercussions of the new Corona epidemic.

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