Beard may cause corona infection from an American study

Beard may cause corona infection from an American study

beard corona virus

The US Health Service has published a new study warning of the long beard fashion that men follow in conjunction with the rapid spread of the Corona virus in the world.
According to the newspaper, “The Daily Mail”, the authority warned of the danger of the beard on the health of men and indicated that it may cause them to contract Coronavirus.


The study indicated that the beard contains hairs that may be the cause of the transmission of the Corona virus from one person to another, and this may happen through the fact that the tall and large beard impedes the protective masks from securing the area of ​​the mouth and nose.

And American Health published a picture to clarify the study for citizens so that citizens follow good habits and stay away from the dangers that may end their lives.

picture to illustrate the study of corana about beard

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