After Johnson and the Minister of Health were infected with the Coronavirus … the Queen of Britain “is still in good health”

UK Coronavirus Updates

LONDON, UK – Buckingham Palace in Britain said Friday that Queen Elizabeth “is still in good health”, following the announcement of Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, with Coronavirus, in addition to Prince Charles, Crown Prince of Britain, A few days ago.

“The Queen met the Prime Minister on March 11,” Buckingham Palace said in a statement, and “followed all appropriate advice regarding her health.”
On Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he had contracted the emerging coronavirus (Covid 19).

“Over the past 24 hours, I have had light symptoms and been diagnosed with Coronavirus, I am now isolated, but I will continue to lead the government through (video conference) while we are fighting this virus,” Johnson said in a tweet on Twitter, Friday.

Johnson said in the video that he felt “a constant heat and cough, and on the advice of the doctor I was examined and the result was positive, and therefore I work from home and isolate myself, and this is exactly the right thing to do.”

Johnson’s announcement comes about two days after the announcement that Britain’s Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, was infected with the Coronavirus, Wednesday, as he stated that the Prince “was suffering from mild symptoms of the Coronavirus, and had undergone the necessary analyzes, which proved that he had contracted the disease,” noting To the 72-year-old Prince Charles, he was in good health and had been working from home for the past few days.

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On Friday, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that he was infected with the Coronavirus, confirming in a tweet on Twitter, “After medical advice, I tested the Coronavirus. The tests were positive. Fortunately, my symptoms are mild and I work from home and isolate Myself”.

UK Coronavirus Updates

Britain has recorded 11,816 cases of emerging coronavirus, while 580 people have died across the country, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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