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adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions


39 adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions

These cats were caught by their humans in the most creative and strange sleeping positions – making for some really adorable pics. sleeping position of cats

The Sunbathing Cat

I mean, how chill does this guy look? He’s got the perfect setup. Legs wide spread, lying in the groove of the roof, with the sun on his skin (fur) and his arms above his head. All he’s missing now is a beer in his paws.’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat get a good night’s sleep too?

cats sleeping

This cat has nailed the uncomfortable sleeping position. Even the other cats are jealous. Just look at that black and white cat; staring off in the distance thinking ‘why can’t I be that cool?’

The Couch Surfer – cats sleeping

Just look at those little legs! This cat is demonstrating one of the most common awkward sleeping positions for any cat – the Couch Surfer. Instead of making itself comfortable and curling up into itself, this cat has chosen to fold his back into an incredibly unnatural shape to sleep on the couch. Because why not?

cats sleeping

This position is not only awkward, but it also reiterates the cat’s power over the human 

The Double Bed – cats sleeping

To master the sleeping position of the double bed, you need a fellow cat who doesn’t mind squeezing their head flat through a pair of hairy legs. You might struggle to find a cat willing to endure this, though, so you might have to bend the truth a little – or you could just offer them a toasty and warm bed in return.

funny cats

You’ll just conveniently forget to tell them that the second bed is yours as well. You know, because 1 huge bed just isn’t enough.

The Baby Position

People often say that pets imitate their owners. And, well, this cat seems to have gotten his owners a little bit confused. Nevertheless, (most) babies get a good night’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat get a good night’s sleep too?

The Baby Position

For this position, you’ll need a slightly larger frame, and short little legs and arms to create the desired effect. Cats who adopt the Baby Position often have their motto; find the baby, be the baby.

The Rough Night – cats sleeping

Let’s be honest, we all know what we want after a rough night on the town – a good nap. However, when we’re a little worse for wear, we don’t care where or how we get to sleep. cats sleeping.

adorable cats

It could be propped up on the toilet, it could be on the kitchen floor, or it could be nestled in between a few radiator pipes. We know which one we’d go for because this guy looks super comfortable. Although he might want to brush his fur in the morning.

The Book Worm

This is an awkward sleeping position we can get behind. For this position, you need a good pile of books of your choice – you can grab some classics, some exciting movies, romantic comedies, or even non-fiction if you feel extra wild.

funny cats

Then you need to take the worm position and lay down on top of the books. Rumor has it that you dream about the stories when you sleep in The Book Worm. We can’t confirm this though, so you’ll have to try it out for yourselves…

The Head Rush

There’s one sure-fire way to make sure you get a good night’s sleep – and that’s The Head Rush sleeping position. Okay, yeah. It does make you pass out. But at least it makes you fall asleep, right?

The Head Rush

No more twisting and turning to get comfortable. Just turn your head upside down and let it happen. DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t make a cat pass out. These things don’t apply to cats.

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

We all know that spooning is quite possibly the most comfortable sleeping position… if you’re the little spoon. However, the big spoon gets a mouth full of cat fur and hairballs and stiff legs. And it’s not pretty.

Big Spoon, Little Spoon

These cats don’t seem to have mastered the relaxing spoon sleeping position though – mainly because they’re both pretty much the same size. Instead, the one at the back looks like he’s got the other one in a headlock. That can’t be comfortable.

The Window Ledge

When it comes to The Window Ledge awkward sleeping position, there are no limits. If you see a Window Ledge, that’s where you’re gonna sleep, girl. You do you.

funny pics

These ledges give cats the perfect mixture of support and softness – because there’s nothing better than letting it all hang out as it flows around cold, steel bars. Apparently. Unfortunately, the Window Ledge doesn’t come with its pillow, so you’ll need to use your paws for that.

Be the Box – cats sleeping

So we’ve seen the Half-in, Half-out sleeping box exhibit. This position is slightly more advanced, and for the cat who wants to get a good night’s sleep, and a bit of back pain.

Be the Box - cats sleeping

This position will also require more advanced box hunting skills, as you need to find the perfect size for your body. Because if you’re going to jam your whole body inside of it, it needs to be at least a little bit comfortable (even if it doesn’t look it).

The Sleeping Dead – cats sleeping

Let’s be honest, we all love The Walking Dead. Whether you’re a human or a cat, we can’t help but pretend we’re living in Post-Apocalyptic Georgia, scaring Rick and his friends (and a random tiger) with our zombie sleeping position.

Sure, it may look uncomfortable, but appearances can be deceiving. Just look at that stretch. Look at that back arch. Look at that head tilt. That’s the stuff you want from your catnap. Pure bliss.

Hard at Work

Have you ever been at work and wondered how you could get away with having a little nap at your desk? Well, this cat nailed the Hard at Work sleeping position.

Although it may look like this guy is hard at work and getting on with his Whisk(ers) Assessment, he’s catching a few Zs on top of his computer. If the boss asks, just tell them you’re closing your eyes to visualize the words.

If I Fits, I Sits

This is for the cat who doesn’t care where it sleeps; it just wants a few Zs. The If I Fits, I Sits sleeping position is incredibly easy to control.

You simply need to find a space of any kind (the smaller, the better really) and squash your whole body into it, completely disregarding the fact that you have bones and that your body should not bend that way, but for some reason it does. Because if you fit, you can sit. And if you can sit, you can sleep.

A Box of Limbs

What is it with cats and boxes? We’ll never know, but they just seem to love them and will simply do anything to get inside of one – even if it means completely breaking your whole body.

For maximum effect, you’ll need someone to take apart your limbs like a jigsaw puzzle and put it back in completely the wrong way to ensure you can fit. Because this is not right. P.S you can use any box you wish. This one isn’t fussy.

The Dog Bed

The Dog Bed is often commonly misinterpreted. No, dear furry friend – you’re not supposed to steal the actual dog bed. Instead, you use the dog as your bed. It’s warm, it’s squishy, it’s comfortable.

Of course, you first need to build up a certain relationship with said dog, as it’s best not to lay on it if you are currently in the midst of a pet war. Tread carefully with this one; it can be tricky to maneuver.

The Married Couple

The best thing about married life is that you can really be yourself in front of each other – and the Married Couple sleeping position shows that off. You sleep how you want to sleep.

funny cats

Sleep with your mouth open, dribble a little bit if you want – and snoring is okay. It’s frowned upon if you don’t snore. We think we’ve found our favorite. The best bit? You can cuddle your favorite cat at the same time.

Snug in an Ugg

When it comes to buying a bed for your cat, you’ll never know what they want – and most of the time, you’ll just get it completely wrong. They don’t want to sleep in that. That’s most probably why so many little cats adopt this Snug in an Ugg sleeping position.

sleeping cats

It’s small. It’s fluffy. It’s snug. And it’s warm. I mean, that’s all they ask of you. Just give them a boot (not that kind of boot. Like a shoe boot), and they’ll be sleeping for hours.

The Modest Sleep

Just like us humans, cats don’t like to be exposed. How do you think they feel having their private areas on the show for everyone to see every day? Cats want to cover themselves up too, you know.

sleeping cats

This is where The Modest Sleep sleeping position comes in, so make sure you have a few towels lying around the house so they can grab them they please. You could give them a message too if you’re feeling generous.

Deep sleep

When someone is in a really deep sleep, they tend to have quite funny faces: mouth open, tongue out, etc. This can be the same thing with our furry friends, too. They have been known to also snore when they fall into a deep sleep.

adorable kitten pictures

This kitty here seems to have completely passed out and looks a little vicious with their teeth out, but we’re sure its a perfectly nice Lil cat. Sleep tight, little one.

High five

The best thing about pets is teaching them to do tricks. Many people have taught their cats and dogs to shake hands and plenty of other various tricks. Others have made their animals learn how to give high fives.

adorable kitten pictures

It would seem like this cat has taken his studies so seriously, it has even begun giving high fives while taking naps. We would love nothing more than to give that tiny paw a quick high five.

Sleeping while standing

Sometimes we get tired; it happens. Have you ever fallen asleep while standing up, though? It’s been a long day at work and you’re finally on the subway heading home and you doze off just a bit, only to be woken up by the feeling of falling and jump back into consciousness.

Sleeping while standing

Well, sometimes cats also fall asleep before they can make it to a comfortable place to lie down and take a nap, just like this furry one.

Cuddly kitties

Say what you want about cats, but they love cuddling just as much as any dog – well some of them anyway, others will try to scratch or bite you as you attempt to cuddle with them.

Cuddly kitties

Sometimes, however, there are adorable moments like this one where you can catch two of the cutest little buddies ever snuggling up for a quick cuddle session. It doesn’t get too much better than this adorableness, does it?

Dangling over the edge

How many times have you told your pet cat not to jump on the table? A million times? Us too. Regardless, if you have a cat, you know that they pretty much take it upon themselves to roam freely around the house as if they own the place.

adorable sleeping kittens pictures

This cat was trying to go from the couch to the table and must’ve gotten tired on the way, so they decided to stop for a little break.

Couch potato

Cats like to sit on the backs of couches; this is a commonly known characteristic about them. That being said, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a cat lie down like this on a couch and just pass out on its back.

adorable sleeping kittens pictures

This little couch potato looks so comfy that it almost makes us want to try this position the next time we need a nap. He also almost blends in with the sofa, so maybe he was just hiding from an annoying owner.

What, you’re working?

Any student or person who works from home will understand what it’s like trying to accomplish anything with a cat around. They simply do not like the idea of you doing work while they want to play or be pet, or just be given attention.

adorable sleeping cat pictures

In their minds, they are always the most important one in the room. Because of this, they don’t care if they lie down on top of all your hard work and prevent you from actually getting anything done.

Cats are liquid

On the internet, there’s a very popular theory regarding our feline friends’ state of matter. According to this theory, cats aren’t solid; they’re liquid. Let’s look into this information, shall we? What is a liquid? It’s a fluid that takes the shape of its container while retaining a constant volume.

Cats are liquid - funny sleeping cats

Now, let’s examine the photo of this white kitty sleeping inside a transparent bowl. Taking the shape of the container? Check. Retaining a constant volume? Check. So it is proven – cats are liquid. This, friends are called science.

‘Worship me, human’

Cats used to be worshipped in ancient Egypt, and they never forgot this. It’s very obvious that they crave attention and they love to be admired, even if some of them don’t like to be touched. You can still pet them with your eyes, though!

sleeping position Cats

This kitty knows how cute it is, and it wants its human to know that too. So they’re sleeping on top of a glass table to show how they’re adorable even from this weird angle. It just wants to be worshipped from every side.

‘I’m a cat and I’ll do whatever I want’

Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought something incredibly cool looking and expensive for your cat, only for them to completely ignore the present – or, at the most, be more entertained by its packaging than by the product itself.

Yep, most cat owners have been there. We’re sure the cat on the photo did the same to its humans. There are probably half a dozen warm, comfy, bespoke kitty beds spread around the house, and it chose to sleep on the staircase handrail instead.

Man’s best friend

The real world will tell you that dogs are man’s best friend, but this is not the real world. This is the internet, and in here, cats rule all. There’s no room for dogs in the cat empire, and as we can see in this picture, the position of man’s best friends is already taken – by a cat, of course.

man's cat friend

Mittens here is the best buddy this human could wish for. They couldn’t look more calm or serene, belly up for their afternoon nap on the couch.

The Ball

Honestly, this cat doesn’t even seem real. It looks so fluffy and perfect it could be one of those windup toy cats that move. But no— it’s a real cat.

Ball cat

A cat that decided to resemble a ball just before it fell asleep. To master The Ball position, you need to be quite flexible, and this cat has the skills. And with its cute face to go with it, this kitty nailed it!

Found in the kitchen

Have you ever lost your cat in the house? Maybe you looked in its usual places like the couch or the cozy blanket you bought for it. Well, it could be anywhere, and sometimes you might even find it laying in your kitchen!

kitchen cat

We can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to sleep between the kitchen table and the kitchen counter, with your legs hanging in mid-air. How do you even fall asleep like that?

Sleep yoga

Can someone please explain what exactly is happening here? How is this cat be sleeping like this? We think that there is only one explanation— this kitty must be doing some yoga in its sleep. Both legs are up and the arms are spread out pretty widely.

cats and yoga

This is one of the most awkward sleeping positions we’ve seen, but before we judge, this kitten might be one of the more talented ones out there.

Piled up

What could be cuter than a cat curled up and sleeping? We’ll tell you— a cat curled up and sleeping on top of a dog! Both the dog and the cat are in the same position and they look like they’re sleeping so peacefully.

cats and dogs

We’re not sure how the cat managed not to wake up the sleeping dog. While it’s hard to believe that they’re sleeping comfortably (especially the dog), these two look adorable!

No pictures, please

While these cats can’t possibly know what they’re doing when they fall asleep, this cat looks like it’s trying to tell us something. It seems like it’s saying— don’t take any photos of me, please! With its paws in front of its face, this cat truly means business.

It’s laying on fancy satin sheets, bending awkwardly to the side, and its toes are pressed together in the most adorable way possible. We’re glad someone took this photo.

Just chillin’

Nobody knows how to be more chill than this cat. Its arms are casually by its sides and its legs are crossed. On one hand, this cat looks super cool, but on the other hand, who wants to sleep this way?

If we were to cross out legs like that when we fall asleep it won’t be comfortable for sure! And the way its head is off to one side— we just hope this cat doesn’t wake up with any neck problems.

Tried so hard

What’s the deal with cats sleeping with parts of their bodies hanging in the air? Sometimes we get so tired that we fall asleep without paying attention to the sleeping position. This cat does not care what anyone thinks.

cute cats

From what it looks like, the cat was trying to climb the chair and got so tired from trying that it collapsed on top of a newspaper. And it must have been so exhausted that its leg is half off and its tail is draped around the banister.

serious gymnastics

Is this cat sleeping or is it completing a gymnastics routine for the cat Olympics? Gymnastic routines include leaning back on poles, flips, and a lot of stamina. This cat looks like it may be capable of doing everything on that list.

funny sleeping cats

But since it’s sleeping, this is a pretty awkward position to stay in. Who wants to sleep with their head leaned back and hanging in the air? That’s got to be uncomfortable.

The Munchkin mummy

Cats sleeping on their backs like a mummy is fairly common, though it never ceases to amuse us. As a Munchkin cat, Chata may not “stand” above the rest, but he’s been a social media sensation from the moment he was introduced on his owner’s social media account.

In this photo, he’s around two months of age, so he still has quite a bit of growing up to do. However, his legs will stay relatively short, so he’ll always have that cute, stuffed animal appearance.

The Klassy Kitty

We notice an empty food bowl and one of those fishing pole toys that no cat can resist. In short, this cat has just experienced two of the most important things in its life, and man, was it tiring!

Now it’s time for a snooze, but why walk over to the bed or couch? Just sprawl out on your back, stretch out your legs and bask in the knowledge that everyone else will walk around you.

so adorable cats.

Can you tell us in the comment below about which picture of cats sleeping that made you laugh so much?

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