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adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions


39 adorable cats sleeping in awkward positions


These cats were caught by their humans in the most creative and strange sleeping positions – making for some really adorable pics. sleeping position of cats

The Sunbathing Cat

I mean, how chill does this guy look? He’s got the perfect setup. Legs wide spread, lying in the groove of the roof, with the sun on his skin (fur) and his arms above his head. All he’s missing now is a beer in his paws.’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat get a good night’s sleep too?

cats sleeping

This cat has nailed the uncomfortable sleeping position. Even the other cats are jealous. Just look at that black and white cat; staring off in the distance thinking ‘why can’t I be that cool?’

The Couch Surfer – cats sleeping

Just look at those little legs! This cat is demonstrating one of the most common awkward sleeping positions for any cat – the Couch Surfer. Instead of making itself comfortable and curling up into itself, this cat has chosen to fold his back into an incredibly unnatural shape to sleep on the couch. Because why not?

cats sleeping

This position is not only awkward, but it also reiterates the cat’s power over the human 

The Double Bed – cats sleeping

To master the sleeping position of the double bed, you need a fellow cat who doesn’t mind squeezing their head flat through a pair of hairy legs. You might struggle to find a cat willing to endure this, though, so you might have to bend the truth a little – or you could just offer them a toasty and warm bed in return.

funny cats

You’ll just conveniently forget to tell them that the second bed is yours as well. You know, because 1 huge bed just isn’t enough.


The Baby Position

People often say that pets imitate their owners. And, well, this cat seems to have gotten his owners a little bit confused. Nevertheless, (most) babies get a good night’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat get a good night’s sleep too?

The Baby Position

For this position, you’ll need a slightly larger frame, and short little legs and arms to create the desired effect. Cats who adopt the Baby Position often have their motto; find the baby, be the baby.

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