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6 Surprising Facts About Cats You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


We can all agree on the fact that cats are the quirkiest animals on this planet. How well do you understand your cat’s behavior? Here is your introduction to Cat Behavior

A cat blinking slowly towards you shows his confidence

cats fact


Cats, like many other representatives of the animal world, use their eyes as one of the means of conveying their emotions.

You may have seen two cats staring at each other angrily as if they were preparing for a fight, you may also have seen a cat that looked into your own eyes and even threatened you a little.


It turns out that in the cat world direct prolonged eye contact is a sign of a threat or challenge, while a cat blinking slowly at you means she is showing her trust and affection for you.


When you first meet a cat, you need to be prepared to be studied by her first, and if she feels that you are not a threat of any kind, she will eventually look away and blink slowly, conveying her trust for you.

Purring can tell you a lot

cat purr

Although it seems obvious that a normal cat has to purr, we never really think about why they do this. It turns out that purring is a common way of conveying different emotions and even small requests. Firstly, cats purr when they are completely satisfied with what is going on with them: when a cat is in its favorite spot, with a person it trusts at its side, is not hungry and slowly falls asleep – it will not miss an opportunity to share its contents with the world.


There are also cases where cats purr for the opposite reason – if they are hungry. Studies have shown that this is a different kind of sound, although it is also accepted as purr. A hungry purr is slightly combined with a sound that resembles a human baby crying (probably for a human to be ready to respond immediately to the needs of their master). One should, therefore, be more careful not to miss the cat’s lunch.

Little kittens, even if they are only a few days old, use purr to tell their mother they are okay. Mother cats, on the other hand, use the same sound to calm their children. It can be said that purr is a kind of cat pennant. And no wonder a cat that spins can sometimes easily put an adult person to sleep – those soft monotonous noises can be impossible to resist.

Sometimes purring cats when they are nervous or even in pain. Several studies have proven that, in addition to calming a cat, purring can help heal their bones and wounds by relieving their breathing. No wonder cats are known to be good survivors, especially after a fall from height.

A good cat will also try to use the magical power of its purr on a sick person, and the healing effect is sometimes amazing, you just have to believe in your pet’s best intentions.


Cats only meow to humans

cats meow

Cats can produce about 100 different sounds to communicate with each other: they groan, roar, mumble, chat, cry, and purr. But it turns out that meowing – which seems to us to be the most obvious means of cat communication – is not exactly natural for these creatures.


Studies have shown that meowing was developed as a way for cats to speak to humans, and is an adaptation of the natural sound of cats to human language. You won’t hear any meows in the society of feral cats, nor will you ever see a cat meow if she hasn’t been raised near people and has developed this habit since she was a little kitten.

Cat rubbing his face against you

Cat rubbing

It is no secret for anyone that cats are not like dogs: they are not as loyal as dogs, they will hardly ever show their affection for you and will probably stick to the master and slave model of behavior, of which you are of course the last. Yet they are not heartless.


Sometimes, if you really and truly deserve this, your cat may be kind enough to express some feelings, rubbing a face against your leg is the most obvious sign that your cat loves you. Cats also express their affection for each other or greet their friends after they’ve been apart for some time by rubbing, so it’s kind of an analogy to a human cuddle.

Cats and boxes: What’s the problem?


A strange feeling that cats have for boxes is not a secret for anyone. You might buy tons of special toys for your pet and probably see nothing but indifference and contempt in his bored eyes. But try leaving an empty box – small, big, new or old, smelly and frayed – and you’ll have your cat the best present imaginable. What about those boxes? Many researchers have tried to solve this mystery, and yet there is still no definitive answer.

Some of them say that cats, as natural predators, like to hide in boxes as if it were easier for them to hunt from there – although if you’ve ever seen a cat in the box, you may have noticed zero desire to do anything other than sleep in their eyes. Others say that boxes that mimic closed spaces help reduce a cat’s stress, which seems more of a logical explanation.


Another explanation is that boxes help cats stay warm: cats are known to be much more tolerant of higher temperatures than humans and are probably just trying to make sure they don’t get cold during a nice long nap they take in a box.

Cats dream just like humans

Are Cats Dreaming

You may have seen how your cat behaved strangely while sleeping – trembling, moving legs, sometimes even a kind of smile. It turns out that seeing dreams is quite normal for cats. With an average of 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day, cats need to experience a lot more than they do.

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Scientists say that their dreams are quite similar to those of humans, although they are less abstract. It is also assumed that they don’t make a complete distinction between dreams and reality, so even though they usually sleep, cats can have a very interesting life.


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