2020 coronavirus pandemic in turkey-security confrontation, economic crisis and the imminent surge in casualties

The US Bloomberg Agency on Friday expected an increase in cases of coronavirus in Turkey, after further tests on the suspected cases.

2020 coronavirus pandemic in turkey2020 coronavirus pandemic in turkey

On Friday, Turkey began testing all suspected cases of coronavirus in more cities and the number of positive cases is likely to increase beyond the current number of 359, Bloomberg reported.

Turkey has so far focused on people who came from abroad or were in contact with foreigners who have recently arrived in the country. The government moved thousands of people directly from airports to quarantine for 14 days in hotels across the country and examined them with a homemade 75-minute diagnostic tool to detect the virus.

The number of positive cases in Turkey can increase dramatically with the diagnostic tools arriving within 15 minutes from China on Friday and with the government gradually increasing the number of laboratories to 36 instead of 16 laboratories. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has revealed the allocation of 100 billion pounds ($ 15.4 billion) to help companies escape the economic storm caused by the coronary virus pandemic that has already begun to affect jobs.

Data from the Turkish Statistical Institute showed on Friday that the unemployment rate in Turkey rose to 13.7% by the end of 2019, up from 11% a year ago, as the Turkish Statistical Institute said earlier this month that the unemployment rate increased to 13.7% in the period between November and January of 13.3% a month ago.

On Thursday, the Turkish Health Ministry said the outbreak had killed four people in the country.

On Thursday, the Turkish Minister of Health Fakhruddin Koca announced the registration of 168 new cases of the newly created Coronavirus within 24 hours.

And the Turkish Interior Minister, Suleiman Soylu, announced that about 10,000 people are quarantined in Turkey, due to the new Coronavirus (Covid-19).
The Turkish Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 64 people after they published “provocative and baseless” publications via social media, related to the new Coronavirus.

The President of the Turkish system, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, issued a decree on Friday, postponing all activities related to science, culture, and arts in light of the government’s efforts to contain the high number of cases of Coronavirus.

2020 coronavirus pandemic in turkey

With the spread of the new kurta virus around the world, millions of Kurds live with some minorities in Turkey, additional fears, especially since large numbers of them are not good at the Turkish language and it is the only one that is adopted by the official institutions in the country, which sparked a new crisis inside the Turkish.

In this regard, the HDP called on the government authorities and the Ministry of Health and its bodies to publish guidelines and information related to the virus in other languages spoken in Turkey, including Kurdish.

Turkey has suspended flights to 20 countries, closed schools, cafes, and bars, banned prayers in mosques and postponed major sports league matches indefinitely, Reuters reported.

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